Thyroiditis - 7 Facts You Must Know

Understanding thyroiditis is not just about awareness; it's about taking proactive steps toward a sustainable, health-minded life.

Red Light Therapy for Thyroid Health


Mitochondria and Metabolism Red light therapy (RLT) holds promise for influencing our internal powerhouses: the mitochondria. These organelles convert food into cellular fuel, impacting everything from tissue repair to muscle function. But how does RLT interact with these crucial components, and can it affect our overall metabolism and thyroid health? The process begins with light […]

Answering the Top Thyroid Health Questions


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on thyroid health! In this blog, we're delving into some of the internet's most searched questions about thyroid health to empower everyone to make informed choices on their health journey. Where is the thyroid gland located?     The thyroid gland is located in the neck, just below the Adam's apple, and […]

Dr. Holtorf Answers Your Thyroid + Metabolism Related Questions


1) Can depression ever be the only symptom of hypothyroidism, at least for a while? While hypothyroidism is often associated with fatigue and inability to lose weight or weight gain, depression can be the only sign. In fact, the largest study done on the treatment of hypothyroidism with antidepressants found that supplementing with the thyroid hormone T3 […]

Understanding the Significance of Hormonal Health for Women


When it comes to women's hormonal health, many of us have a basic understanding of the role estrogen and progesterone play in the monthly menstrual cycle. However, the influence of these hormones extends far beyond reproductive health. In reality, hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, are instrumental in the overall well-being of our body. Hormones act […]

Managing Stress Through Positive Lifestyle Choices


Cold Therapy Our bodies often bear the brunt of environmental stressors and demanding lifestyles. Cold therapy, such as ice baths, cold showers, and cryotherapy, is known for releasing endorphins and reducing systemic inflammation, which can help restore balance to both body and mind. Mindful Breathing and Meditation Mindful meditation is a type of meditation in […]

A Comprehensive Approach to Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia


When it comes to addressing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM), patients often find themselves caught in a frustrating cycle. Many healthcare professionals struggle to pinpoint the root causes of these conditions, which can lead to dismissive attitudes and even the labeling of CFS and FM as vague, catch-all diagnoses. However, these disorders affect […]

Overcoming Hashimoto's Fatigue


Chronic fatigue is a relentless adversary, affecting both our physical and mental well-being. One significant contributor to this unrelenting exhaustion is Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disorder known for wreaking havoc on our energy levels. Thankfully, there are ways to combat the fatigue associated with Hashimoto's, allowing sufferers to regain their vitality and bid farewell […]

Rethinking Hypothyroidism: Beyond TSH and T4


Hypothyroidism, a condition characterized by insufficient cellular thyroid function, is a widespread health issue affecting countless individuals. The typical symptoms associated with hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, depression, muscle aches, and more. Unfortunately, this condition often goes undiagnosed due to the limitations of standard thyroid testing. In this blog post, we will delve into the […]

Optimizing Thyroid Health: Beyond Standard Testing


When it comes to thyroid health, the conventional approach of relying solely on standard thyroid tests may not provide a complete picture of an individual's thyroid function. The complexities of thyroid physiology, especially the role of deiodinases – enzymes responsible for activating and deactivating thyroid hormones within different tissues – challenge the conventional notion of […]

Decoding Thyroid Function: The Role of Deiodinase Enzymes


Understanding thyroid function involves delving into the intricate network of deiodinase enzymes that play a crucial role in regulating cellular thyroid activity. These enzymes determine the activation and deactivation of thyroid hormones within cells, thereby governing thyroid levels at a local level. This is a pivotal aspect of thyroid health, impacting various tissues and physiological […]

Summer Weight Loss Tips: What Hormones to Test, Programs, & More


Are you looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? With so much information out there, it can be tough to know where to start. In this article, we'll explore the basics of weight loss and healthy living to help you on your journey. First, it's important to understand that weight loss is not […]

Dr. Holtorf's Top Health Tips for Men


1. Get your thyroid checked Men should get their thyroid checked as optimal thyroid levels not only reduce the risk for heart disease and cancer but also reduce weight, increase energy, improve collagen production for better skin, reduce cholesterol and improve hair growth. The standard thyroid test called a TSH will, however, often miss low tissue thyroid levels so […]

Treatment for Breast Cancer Often Results In Complaints of Low Libido


1. Testosterone is known as the “hormone of desire,” as it is essential for a healthy libido. The ovaries produce half of the testosterone in women, but with chemotherapy that is frequently used in the treatment of breast cancer, there is a reduction in ovarian function, reducing estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels often resulting in […]

Hidden Causes of Low Libido


February is often referred to as the “month of love” as we all are being bombarded with messaging around Valentine’s Day and romance. As a result, this time of year can bring sexual health and libido to the forefront. Low libido and sexual dysfunction can be a sensitive topic for many, but the reality is […]

Hyperthyroidism Linked to Infertility, Research Finds


It is well known that infertility in the United States is on the rise. The use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) by infertile couples is increasing by 5% to 10% annually. Although this may be partially due to societal factors such as advanced education and career opportunities for women, later marriage, and delayed childbearing, there is likely more […]

Hypothyroidism: Do Symptoms Worsen During the Winter?


Many of us find it harder to stay healthy during the winter months to begin with - the shorter days affect our sleep cycle and circadian rhythm, there is more junk food around during the holidays, and the cold weather discourages many from going outside and staying active. However, the winter months may be particularly […]

New Study Links Thyroid Dysfunction to Dementia


January is Thyroid Awareness Month, making it a good time to highlight the latest trending research studies when it comes to how the thyroid can impact the rest of the body: New Study Links Hypothyroidism to Increased Risk of Dementia A study published by the American Academy of Neurology in July 2022 showed that older individuals […]

Tips to Promote Hair, Skin & Nail Health


The health of our hair, skin, and nails is a direct reflection of our overall wellness. These features can shed light onto low thyroid hormone, inflammation, poor detox pathways, a vitamin deficiency, and other underlying issues you may not be aware of. Although it is common to attempt to promote the health of your hair, […]

5 Tips to Age Optimally


The Global Anti-Aging Market was valued at nearly $60 billion dollars in 2021 and is estimated to be worth over $88 billion by 2028. This massive anti-aging industry thrives off the universal fear of getting older. It encourages consumers, and particularly women, to do everything in their power to look young for as long as possible. At Holtorf […]

Why Sleep Matters & Why You Need to Optimize It


“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together,” - Thomas Dekker Why Sleep Matters At its core, sleep is the way in which our brains and bodies restore, repair, and prepare for the following day. Without it, we cannot function properly. In fact, Dr. Matthew Walker, neuroscientist and author of Why We […]

The Newest Biomarkers to Test Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About


Only 12% of Americans are considered “metabolically healthy.” More than 130 million Americans are dealing with chronic disease. Up to 40% of annual deaths are due to preventable conditions. Given these statistics, health should be a national priority, yet Americans still only spend an average of 20 minutes with their primary care physician annually. At […]

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