Dr. Kent Holtorf, Alternative Medical Doctor
Kent Holtorf, MD
M.D. | El Segundo Office
Dr. Lisa Evans, Naturopathic Doctor
Nancy Evans, ND
N.D. | El Segundo Office
Moses Laufer, MD
M.D. | El Segundo Office
Wayne D. Wightman, MD
M.D. | El Segundo Office


Cristina H
M.A, Office Manager
Peter B
Financial Director
April R
Front-Desk Administrative Assistant
Ashley V
Physician Compounding Lab Administrative Assistant
Carlos A
Pharmacy Technician
Daniel D
Eddy Z
Pharmacy Technician
Heather Q
Medical Liaison
Joseph L
Pharmacy Technician
Kim P
Medical Liaison, Checkout Department
Leticia S
Checkout Department
Manuel R
Pharmacy Technician
Melanie L
Front Desk Administrative Assistant
Rolando S
Shipping Department
Teresa B
Carly M
New Patient Coordinator
Marcie J
New Patient Coordinator
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