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At Holtorf Medical, we're proud of our combat veterans. To show our appreciation and support, we're providing discounted treatment plans that include the latest testing, cutting-edge therapies, and evidence-based medical care to optimize the health and longevity of this medically underserved community.

From the Founder of Holtorf Medical - Learn the story behind the Veteran's Appreciation Program.


Thirty percent of veterans have disabilities as a result of their health problems

3.5 million

3.5 million troops from recent wars were exposed to highly toxic chemicals which may have caused them unforeseen health problems


Since 2002, more than 200,000 service members have suffered traumatic brain injuries

Jesse Bielmann, USAF (CCT) - Special Forces Combat Controller

"My son served six years in the Air Force as a Special Operator, including combat deployments to Afghanistan. He coped with significant physical and psychological trauma from intense combat. On March 16, 2022, he was found unconscious and in critical condition, suffering from multi-organ failure, Rhabdomyolysis, Aspiration pneumonia, and acute kidney failure. The cause was determined to be a seizure linked to a brain infection, possibly acquired during his service. Thankfully, we connected with Dr. Kent Holtorf, who provided the care my son needed outside of the VA system. With alternative treatments such as peptides, Ketamine, and IV therapies, Jesse's pain and health significantly improved. Dr. Holtorf's support and the clinic facilitated his full recovery, allowing him to transition off pharmaceutical medications and embrace this superior form of medicine."

Gina Cubero (mother) and Jesse Bielmann in an urgent care facility

Veteran Testimonials

Watch Jesse Bielmann's Story - An honored patient among many at Holtorf Medical.
Watch Kevin Vance's Story - An honored patient among many at Holtorf Medical.

Veteran Patients

Below are just some of the proud combat veterans we've treated at Holtorf Medical Group

Eric Hohman, USAF (CCT)

Eric Hohman, a former U.S. Airforce Combat Controller, struggled to adjust to civilian life after many years of service. He felt the impact of being a CCT on his ability to function in the civilian world. Recognizing that others also needed support at certain times in their lives, he founded The First There Foundation to provide assistance to those in need.

Read the full testimonial

Joseph Mooney, USAF (CCT)

Joseph Mooney, a retired U.S. Air Force Combat Controller, experienced symptoms from several TBI's and mental fog. After visiting Holtorf Medical Group in California, Dr. Holtorf's treatment protocols helped him improve his mental and physical health. The staff treated him like a valued patient, and his life changed for the better.

Read the full testimonial

Joe O'Keefe, USAF (CCT)

Joe O'Keefe, a retired U.S. Air Force Combat Controller, faced challenges from multiple TBIs and mental fog. Seeking relief, he turned to Holtorf Medical Group in California, where Dr. Holtorf's treatment protocols proved transformative. With personalized care and attention, Joe's mental and physical well-being improved, marking a significant positive shift in his life.

Jesse Beilman, USAF (CCT)

Jesse Bielmann, a former U.S. combat controller with deployments in Afghanistan and Africa, experienced a life-threatening event after a week of shooting on the gun range. He was found unconscious at home with a weak pulse. Dr. Holtorf and his clinic intervened, leading to a remarkable recovery from brain damage, heart failure, and severe rhabdomyolysis. Through peptides and IV therapy, Jesse regained his health, experiencing increased energy, mental clarity, and reduced pain.

Our Dedicated Partners

Special thanks to our sponsors for providing actionable support

Holtorf Medical Group is proud to announce its partnership and support of the First There Foundation.  The foundation is a nonprofit organization that benefits all Combat Controllers and their families in their need.  Combat Controllers have been part of every known and unknown Special Operations Forces since 1953.  Holtorf Medical Group is showing its gratitude for the men of Combat Control by providing a medical protocol that will help them heal from the toxins, injuries, and damage their bodies have endured protecting our country.  

We hope you will join us in contributing to First There Foundation by going to

Veterans In Pain V.I.P. is an IRS Nationally-Certified 501(c)3 Nonprofit facilitating Interventional medical solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain by connecting civilian physicians with our country’s Heroes, nationwide. Veterans In Pain has successfully facilitated over one million dollars worth of services throughout the United States and Canada as of 2021.

Visit their website for more information at

Coast X Coast is a group of Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans who have experienced the shortcomings of long-term healthcare for warriors. They support the Special Operations Health Initiative Program, which uses Functional Medicine to identify the root causes of illness and offers a patient-centric approach for resolving health complaints. The program partners with organizations like the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and has a Medical Advisory Team comprised of respected providers and researchers.

Visit their website for more information at

Integrative Peptides, established in 2018, revolutionizes the peptide supplement industry by providing safe and affordable products of exceptional quality. Previously, individuals seeking peptides had limited options: expensive compounding through physicians, questionable "research only" products, or going without. Recognizing the need for accessible and reliable peptide supplements, Integrative Peptides emerged with a mission to prioritize customer health, offering the purest peptides despite potential profit margins being impacted. Through rigorous third-party testing and FDA-compliant manufacturing, they ensure the highest quality standards. In an industry prone to deception and inflated prices, Integrative Peptides stands as a trusted company loved by customers, supported by a dedicated team of doctors and scientists constantly expanding their product range.

Visit for more information

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