Eric Hohman, USAF (CCT)

"I cannot truly capture my gratitude for Dr. Holtorf and his amazing team. Their willingness to help those who went to war for our great nation is beyond reproach. I was one of the most lethal human weapons systems the DOD has in its arsenal- a Combat Controller and fought in Afghanistan. The toll that my training and war took on my body was tremendous.

Meeting great Americans like Dr. Holtorf who is willing to help and genuinely cares to repair my broken body makes the loss of teammates, time away from home, injuries, and illness remind me these are the people my teammates and I went to war for. God bless doc. Sincerely, Eric Hohman \ Combat Controller"

President/Founder - First There Foundation

Holtorf Medical Group is proud to announce its partnership and support of the First There Foundation.  The First There Foundation is a nonprofit organization that benefits all Combat Controllers and their families in their need.  Combat Controllers have been part of every known and unknown Special Operations Forces since 1953.  Holtorf Medical Group is showing its gratitude for the men of Combat Control by providing a medical protocol that will help them heal from the toxins, injuries, and damage their bodies have endured protecting our country.  

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