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Unlike many other physicians, those at Holtorf Medical Group understand both the interconnectivity of the systems of the body and the importance of addressing the root cause of an individual’s symptoms. They use that knowledge to create patient-specific, multi-system treatment protocols which yield impressive results, such as those recorded in a recent study with over 500 participants. The study explored the connection between chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM), and adrenal dysfunction. By treating the adrenal dysfunction commonly overlooked and missed by standard tests, participants experienced improvement in their overall health and sense of well-being. The data also showed that such treatment is safer and more effective than commonly used treatments. This study provides evidence that Holtorf Medical Group’s method of treating the known causes of illness in CFS, FM, and numerous other chronic conditions is effective. Therefore, these results give hope to the countless individuals, like yourself, looking for relief - relief that the physicians at Holtorf Medical Group provide.

A 500 patient study demonstrated:

94 percent of patients had overall improvement by the 4th visit.


75 percent noted significant overall improvement.


62 percent reported substantial overall improvement.


Prior to treatment at the Holtorf Medical Group, the patients had seen an average of 7.2 different physicians for the treatment of CFS and/or FM without significant improvement.

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