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What are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

Weight Loss

✅ Curbs hunger pangs

✅ Stimulates fat burning

✅ Supports workout recovery

✅ Tones and contours muscle definition

Mental & Physical Energy

✅ Promotes release of endorphins for better mood

✅ Supports melatonin release and REM sleep for regeneration

✅ Supports tissue recovery for faster athletic recovery


✅ Reduces inflammation

✅ Enhances cellular regeneration

✅ Promotes skin health and natural glow

What's so Special About Red Light Therapy?

Red Light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that works by stimulating the mitochondria in our cells to produce more energy. When our cells have more energy to function, we look, feel, and perform our best.

Natural Weight Loss with Red Light

Red Light Therapy has incredible potential benefits, with the most notable being weight loss. Some of our patients have reported a reduction in cellulite, improved body contouring and tightening, and an accelerated loss of body fat. Plus there's no downtime, surgery, pain, or even difficult workouts. Just relax and recharge from the comfort of our top-tier red light therapy bed.

Why Do I Need Red Light Therapy?

90% Of Our Day is Spent Indoors

We have become an indoor species, spending most of our days in our homes, offices, restaurants, stores, and other indoor locations. Being indoors, our bodies miss out on key benefits from sunlight. We know that lack of sunlight in our lives causes depression and seasonal affective disorder and disrupts our circadian rhythms. Scientists and researchers have found that red infrared light stimulates and fuels the mitochondria in our body's cells. Once fueled, the mitochondria release ATP. The body's cells use ATP to promote healing and function. This means your body needs light to repair and keep itself healthy.

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Using the FIT Machine to Improve Your Sessions

Fit machine for therapeutic vibrations to use with red light therapy

What does it do?

Our Vibrating Fit Machine uses therapeutic vibrations to wake up muscles throughout your body, improving balance and circulation and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This, in turn, enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself - increasing motion, flexibility, weight loss, and more from the very first session.

The Benefits of Using it with Red Light Therapy

Incorporating the vibrating plate after Red Light Therapy not only expedites the elimination of toxic cells but also significantly amplifies the overall results, maximizing the benefits of the wellness routine.

Benefits of the FIT Machine Itself:

✅ Boost Metabolism for Faster Weight loss

✅ Activate Muscles for Increased Energy

✅ Strengthen Bone Density

*Ask a friendly staff member about adding the Fit Machine with Red Light Therapy to enhance your results.

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Before and After Red Light Therapy

Before and after results of red light therapy
Before and after results of red light therapy
Before and after results of red light therapy
Before and after results of red light therapy
Before and after results of red light therapy
Before and after results of red light therapy

Celebrities Who Can't Get Enough of Red Light Therapy

Source: www.huelightusa.com

Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt, a model best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, takes her skin health very seriously. She started incorporating red light therapy into her skincare regimen and says the experience is extremely calming.

Martha Hunt and red light therapy

Jessica Alba

Alba regularly shares snapshots of her pre-work "emergency sessions" on Instagram, showcasing her enthusiasm for LED light therapy with her followers.

Jessica Alba and red light therapy

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, Fabletics founder and actress, embraced red light therapy early, sharing a glowing photo with her Pilates trainer in May 2016, signaling its positive effects on her overall well-being.

Kate Hudson and red light therapy

Jennifer Anniston

The actress uses red light therapy for anti-aging, considering it a beauty secret, and studies suggest it revitalizes skin in just three weeks.

Jennifer Anniston and red light therapy

How to Get the Most out of Your Red Light Therapy Session

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol turns into fat and will work against treatments and lessen your results. For best results, limit intake and refrain from alcohol the day before a session as well.

Decrease Caffeine

Caffeine dehydrates the body, which can lessen your results.

Food Limitations

It's recommended to eat light or nothing two hours before our session.

Drink Water - 64-128 oz a day!

Red and near-infrared lights are attracted to well-hydrated cells. Water molecules absorb the light and begin to vibrate. Because water molecules have such strong bonds to one another, that vibrational energy transfers from one molecule to another, much like a ripple across a pond. So, your body can easily move and heal on a molecular level.

Exercise/FIT Machine

We generally recommend the use of a full body vibration plate followed by a cardio workout to help flush the lymphatic system. Exercise does not have to follow immediately and could be done later that same day.

Clothing is Optional

Disrobe at your comfort level, and remove all jewelry. Light cannot penetrate clothing, so it is optimal for no clothing to be worn. Wear loose, light-colored, metal-free clothing if you are not going in the nude. Note: red light heats what it sees; therefore, restrictive, dark-colored clothing heats up and can become uncomfortable.

Keep Your Regular Appointments

Red light is cumulative, and the most significant results appear during the last 25% of treatments.

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