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Do I need IV therapy?

Did you know approximately 90% of Americans suffer from some form of a vitamin deficiency? Check Out Our IV Menu

Vitamin deficiencies are increasingly common in the United States due to a multitude of reasons, namely overfarming, modern agricultural practices, and the rise in environmental toxins. All of these factors have resulted in whole, fresh food being nutrient depleted. A study from the Kushi Institute analyzed nutrient data across 12 different vegetables over a period of two years.

They found:

• The average calcium levels decreased by 27%
• Iron levels declined by 37%
• Vitamin A levels were reduced by 21%
• Vitamin C levels dropped by 30%

It is important to note that not only has our food supply been disrupted, but with only 10% of Americans eating enough fruits and vegetables, few of us actually fuel our body with the nutrients it needs. In fact, processed food is responsible for approximately 70% of the American diet.

This has resulted in a variety of nutrient deficiencies, even amongst “healthy” individuals:

• 94.3% of the US population do not meet the daily requirement for vitamin D
• 88.5% lack optimal intake of vitamin E
• 52.2% do not get enough magnesium
• 44.1% lack healthy intake of calcium
• 43.0% have suboptimal intake of vitamin A,
• 38.9% do not get enough vitamin C

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Signs I have a vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiencies may seem minor, but their compounded effect can compromise your health and lead to symptoms such as:

• Brain fog
• Skin problems
• High blood pressure
• Susceptibility to illness
• Hair loss
• Brittle nails
• Fatigue
• Poor quality of sleep
• Mood swings

In addition to IV Therapy, Holtorf Medical Group offers a variety of services such as comprehensive testing that can test your micronutrient levels and discover what is holding you back from being the healthiest version of yourself.

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IV Therapy: The hidden key to performing at your peak

Holtorf Medical Group’s intravenous vitamin therapy delivers high-quality vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids straight to your bloodstream to resolve any deficiencies that have been leaving you feeling tired, worn down, and burnt out.

Because IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, your body can absorb 100% of the nutrients, compared to oral supplementation where approximately only 30% of the nutrients reach your cells (a significant portion of vitamins and minerals are typically destroyed in the digestion process).

It is important to note that IV therapy can be particularly beneficial for those individuals with chronic illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), autoimmune disease, and those with chronic infections (especially Lyme disease) as they often have functional nutritional deficiencies that compromise cellular function.

Whether you are looking to simply proactively take care of your health and enhance your longevity or address a chronic health issue, IV therapy may be the perfect way to jump-start your health journey.

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