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Do I need Prolozone therapy?

Prolozone therapy, or Prolotherapy, is an advanced treatment designed to treat a variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, degenerative diseases, and immunocompromisation.

The word “prolozone” is a combination of this treatment’s components: “proliferation” and “ozone.” Prolotherapy is a holistic, integrative treatment that has shown to be particularly effective in alleviating chronic pain.

Prolotherapy, in a nutshell, enables the body to repair and restore injured or damaged tissues by encouraging cellular repair. The holistic treatment essentially enables the body to self-correct injury by fostering the healing of cells in and around the injured joint. It encourages the cells to proliferate and regrow.

This treatment includes inflammation-reducing injections intended to strengthen ligaments or tendons through cellular regeneration. In addition, the introduction of ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen received by damaged tissues, stimulating growth factors needed in the regeneration and repair of tissue. Damaged joints and tissues become non-functional when there is a reduction in oxygenated blood flow. Function is returned when prolozone is injected directly into the damaged joint or soft tissue and the blood cells become re-oxygenated by the ozone, stimulating growth factors needed in the regeneration and repair of tissue. The combination of these treatment modalities has provided exceptional results for patients suffering from chronic pain, degenerative disease, and compromised immune systems. Prolozone consists of combinations of procaine, anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals, proliferates, and ozone therapy.

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