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Do I need testing?

On average, Americans only spend 20 minutes with their primary care physician annually. Holtorf Medical Group strives to provide the holistic, individualized care you deserve.

Our experienced doctors provide an in-depth analysis of your health with a full blood panel to highlight potential ways your body may be holding you back. Holtorf Medical Group not only aims to uncover the root cause of your symptoms, but we also provide preventative care. Standard practitioners often only address your health once something is wrong, but Holtorf Medical Group takes an integrative, preventative approach to your health in order to help you feel your best.

During your first appointment, your physician will review your completed New Patient questionnaire and discuss the possible causes of your symptoms and gain an in-depth understanding of your current health state.

From there, your experienced doctor will discuss the best testing protocol for your unique situation. Testing may include blood work or additional diagnostic tools. Holtorf Medical Group prides itself on curating individualized treatment plans that include cutting-edge services and technology in order to help you improve your quality of life.

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Learn about Thyroid Trio Testing

The trio of thyroid tests, encompassing BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), Thyroflex, and Iodine deficiency assessment, is integral to the thorough evaluation and management of thyroid disorders.

BMR  Testing:

What is BMR?

The measurement of BMR is crucial as it reflects the body’s fundamental energy consumption, heavily influenced by thyroid hormones. Variations in BMR can signal either hypo- (underactive) or hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), providing clinicians with essential insights into the extent of thyroid malfunction. This aids in fine-tuning treatment strategies. It represents the calories the body utilizes while at rest in a 24-hour period. Typically, BMR accounts for about 75% of daily calorie needs. Daily activity and exercise contribute to the remaining 25% and vary based on lifestyle.

The BMR Test

  • Is a measurement conducted using an indirect calorimeter system.
  • Has been demonstrated to generate accurate and reproducible BMR values.
  • Is considered the gold standard for metabolic testing (1-2).
  • Relies on oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production to calculate metabolic rate.

What this value means to you

Unlike other health assessments (i.e., blood pressure or cholesterol), there is no “good or bad” BMR test value. This value is unique to you, and is a reflection of your muscle mass, gender, age, genetic profile, and medication status, as well as the level of thyroid and other hormones in your body.


What is the Thyroflex?

This test is instrumental in examining thyroid functionality by measuring the response time of a deep tendon reflex in the arm. Offering immediate insights into the thyroid’s neurological regulation, Thyroflex can detect thyroid issues sooner than standard blood tests. This enables timely, tailored interventions.

Correlation between Reflexes and Thyroid levels:

  • Reflex testing predates blood tests for thyroid function.
  • Based on Woltman’s Sign, which is defined by a delayed calf muscle relaxation phase.
  • Slowed reflexes relate to decreased myosin ATPase levels and calcium re-accumulation rate.
  • The Brachioradialis tendon is used for convenience in reflex testing.

Thyroflex Test Reliability

This test addresses the need for a better thyroid dysfunction diagnostic tool. Traditional reflex measurement enhances specificity with 98% estimated accuracy. It complements traditional blood tests and reports symptoms for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Iodine Deficiency Test:

What is the Iodine Deficiency Test?

Since iodine is critical for producing thyroid hormones, a deficiency can disrupt thyroid function and cause conditions like goiter. Testing for iodine levels helps in identifying its role in thyroid issues, facilitating appropriate iodine supplementation when needed. We have found urine iodine levels to be the most accurate testing method; the results are immediately available. Iodine is essential for every cell in the body, but the tissues that have the highest requirements of iodine to properly function are the thyroid and the ovaries. Without adequate or suboptimal iodine levels, these two glands cannot function properly.

Thyroid Dysfunction Symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Infertility
  • Water retention
  • Cold extremities
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Depression

Ovarian Dysfunction Symptoms

  • PMS
  • Heavy / Irregular periods
  • Swollen breasts
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

General Iodine Deficiency Impact

Iodine is essential for proper immune function. This means that low levels reduce the body’s ability to fight infections and cancer. Iodine has also proven to be crucial for fetal brain development; low maternal levels linked to ADHD and lower IQ.


Together, these tests offer a holistic view of thyroid health, addressing hormonal, neurological, and nutritional aspects. Such a comprehensive approach allows us to customize treatments more effectively, enhancing patient care and the management of thyroid diseases.

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