Holtorf Medical Group was founded by Dr. Kent Holtorf with a goal to treat patients struggling with symptoms that were unexplainable by traditional medicine. Within his practices, Dr. Holtorf established the importance of taking a holistic and innovative approach to healthcare to help patients regain their health and get their life back. Treatment at Holtorf Medical Group centers around the interconnectivity of various systems of the body with the goal of addressing the root cause of symptoms.

Dr. Kent Holtorf, M.D., embodies the pinnacle of medical innovation, leading both the Holtorf Medical
Group and Integrative Peptides with a visionary approach that has markedly transformed patient care.
Renowned for integrating advanced peptide and bioregulator therapies, Dr. Holtorf expanded his
influence through twenty-three affiliate centers and twelve franchises, dramatically improving
treatments for a range of complex health conditions. His expertise, notably in tick-borne illnesses,
chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, CIRS, MCAS, long-COVID, TBI, PTSD, neurodegenerative
diseases, complex multisystem illness, and beyond, with a particular focus on peptide and bioregulator
therapy, immune modulation, hypothyroidism undetectable by standard thyroid function tests,
hormone optimization, veterans’ health, longevity (biological age reduction), and more, underscores a
focused dedication to immune modulation, undetectable hypothyroidism, hormone optimization,
veterans’ health, and pioneering in longevity. Dr. Holtorf's unique methodologies not only define his
niche but also mark him as a global leader in healthcare innovation.

Champion for Veterans' Well-being: Central to Dr. Holtorf's mission is a profound dedication to
enhancing healthcare and patient outcomes, particularly among veterans. Inspired by his personal
health journey overcoming heart failure due to chronic infections, his innovative treatments offer a
beacon of hope. Dr. Holtorf’s efforts in peptide therapy and immune modulation have revolutionized
care for veterans, delivering significant quality-of-life improvements for those facing service-related
health challenges.

Influential Educator and Visionary: Dr. Holtorf's impact as an educator and mentor is profound beyond
his clinical achievements. His commitment to a genuinely evidence-based approach has reshaped
medical education and practice worldwide. With nearly 100 lectures delivered globally and numerous
influential publications, Dr. Holtorf continues to challenge medical norms and foster a more inclusive,
effective healthcare paradigm. His latest work, Mold Illness: The Peptide Protocol for the Rapid
Treatment of CIRS, exemplifies his leadership in addressing complex medical challenges.

Media and Research Luminary with a Personal Touch: Dr. Holtorf's approach to medicine is uniquely
characterized by his humor and wit, making his professional interactions both meaningful and engaging.
This personal flair, combined with his professional rigor, has garnered him widespread recognition in
national news and prestigious journals. Dr. Holtorf’s insights into complex diseases and healthcare
innovation have challenged conventional wisdom and highlighted new directions in endocrinology,
longevity, and infectious diseases.

In essence, Dr. Holtorf’s bio vividly encapsulates his professional roles, achievements, and the impactful
nature of his work, all while conveying the values and personal qualities that underpin his approach to
medicine. His narrative serves not just as a testament to his professional excellence but also as an
invitation to understand the dynamic and compassionate individual behind his accomplishments

Writings and Research by Dr. Holtorf:

Peptides: Unlock the Secret to Longevity

The Bioidentical Hormone Debate

Diagnosis and Treat of HPA Axis Dysfunction in Patients with CFS and FM

Thyroid Hormone Transport into Cellular Tissue

Hormones in Wellness and Disease Prevention

Hormone Replacement Therapy in the Geriatric Patient Part I

Hormone Replacement Therapy in the Geriatric Patient Part II

Peripheral Thyroid Hormone Conversion - Impact on TSH and Metabolic Activity

Nanotechnology’s Latest Oncolytic Agent: Silver, Cancer & Infection Associations Part III

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