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Do I need supplement therapy?

Unfortunately, no matter how well you eat you are not able to get the nutrients your body needs to optimize your health. Because of depleted soils many foods lack the minerals they used to have. Genetically modified foods (GMO) are bred to look appealing not to improve their nutrient content. GMO corn makes its own insecticide and GMO soy resists herbicides. How do you know if you are buying genetically modified foods? You don’t because in the United States food companies are not required to tell you either way. Also, pharmaceutical drugs can deplete nutrients in your body. For example, statin drugs deplete your CoQ10 which is essential in energy production.

Holtorf Medical Group encourages you to eat organic whole foods as much as possible and try to cut back on fast foods, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup and any foods that have ingredients you can’t pronounce.

With all this in mind, Dr. Holtorf has created a pharmaceutical grade supplement line meant to help alleviate symptoms of vitamin deficiencies as well as address many chronic conditions that can be improved with the right nutrients.

Visit Holtraceuticals for more information.

Our line of nutritional supplements is developed with our patients needs in mind and with the understanding that no one pill works for everyone. Developed by Dr. Holtorf, our proven formulas provide superior results and fit the various needs and tolerances of our patients. The unique formulas and quality ingredients within Holtraceuticals can help relieve your symptoms and restore your health. We maintain the highest quality of ingredients and emphasize a reduction in the number of pills necessary for relieving your symptoms. Your journey back to optimal health relies on your commitment to feeling better, and our commitment to developing natural, nutritional products that are customized specifically for you.

Our physicians will work with you to customize a supplement plan that addresses your symptoms and treats the underlying problems, such as pain, loss of sleep, fatigue or general vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Once symptoms subside, continued supplementation at a maintenance level may be needed to maintain improvement in your health.

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