Kevin Vance - ASFOC

"I was born in Toronto Canada and raised in San Diego. After graduating from the University of California San Diego, I enlisted in the Navy in 1994. I served as a hospital corpsman in Coronado as a Navy SEAL for 8 years. I ventured forth into a position in Washington DC working in national security serving in numerous countries until 2009. They include Iraq, Pakistan, and Israel among others. Since my departure from DC,

I have worked as a firefighter in Orange County California where I currently hold the position of captain. As a firefighter, I have worked in my local communities and responded to natural disasters with our FEMA task force. As a firefighter, I have instructed 2 career academies and worked as an adjunct to train future firefighters in various capacities.

Unfortunately, after years of wear and tear, I developed serious spinal degeneration. There wasn't a day that went by without pain. It felt like my lumbar system was ready to fall apart. At the time my daughter was four and filled with just wonderful energy and just this yearning to discover. And, I wanted to be able to be right there. I wanted to get well. I wanted to be able to take care of myself. Our physiology is miraculous. It's so resilient and wants to heal."

"As I was treated yesterday at the Holtorf clinic, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that every single person in the group shared an uncommon energy. Of service, to heal, of humility, of grace. One that should be an example for so many other entities in our wonderful nation. To be on the receiving end of all the attention and care. To witness their presence and dedication to patients in the clinic was astonishing. I am grateful for all of you. And honored to be a part of this project. Please pass my sentiments to Dr. Holtorf, Daisy, and the team."

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