Joseph Mooney, USAF (CCT)

"My name is Joseph Mooney and I’m a retired Special Operator who spent most of my career serving in the Air Force Special Operations Command. I recently spent several days at the Holtorf Medical Group in California. The staff experience was completely unbelievable! They treated me like a valued patient which is lost in today’s medical practices. Everyone from the receptionists to the Nurses administering IV fluids to Dr. Holtorf himself all knew my name and made me feel welcomed into their Veteran Program.

Gina carefully walked me through the experience and was there for every question I could think of. Dr. Holtorf carved out hours to discuss my medical history, explain his process and show me the game plan for my future medical care. I’ve never had a Dr. listen to what I had to say and show such a genuine interest in my health. I’ve never experienced this type of care anywhere in my life!"

"This treatment was completely donated to me by Dr. Holtorf, and it’s changing my life! The protocols he implemented started making a change almost immediately.  My mind fog started to dissipate while in the clinic on day one.  Symptoms from several TBIs also started to subside within days of the initial treatments.  After a few weeks, I’m more focused, motivated, and clearer than I’ve been in well over a decade! My overall health and wellness have had a major course correction, and I can’t thank Dr. Holtorf enough."

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