Winter Weather And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Surviving the Cold


Many CFS patients deal with worsening symptoms in the cold.

Can Thyroid Disease Cause Chronic Pain?


Sadly, many suffer from chronic pain without knowing why.

Low Dose Naltrexone Conference


Dr. Holtorf to Speak at a Conference About the Many Health Benefits of LDN Naltrexone was a drug known to treat individuals with conditions such as alcoholism and drug abuse, but in much lower doses (Low-Dose Naltrexone) it is proven beneficial for many conditions. Dr. Holtorf along with various other doctors, are gathering together this […]

Hyperthyroidism vs. Hypothyroidism: Types of Thyroid Diseases


While addressing a thyroid dysfunction, it's essential to consider the interconnected web of other imbalances, toxicities, and nutritional deficiencies that are always at play. Your thyroid gland is like the body's energy factory. Every cell in the body requires thyroid hormones. When it's operating effectively, you feel energetic, healthy, and in control. But it takes […]

Understanding Gulf War Syndrome


Gulf War syndrome is a chronic, multi-symptom condition that seems to affect veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War, which would explain the name. The cause of this condition was under debate for quite some time. The condition was originally attributed to the stress of combat, but after hours of research many believe that simply isn't […]

Fact: Lyme Disease is on The West Coast


There are so many stories and "old wives' tales" out there that it's hard to decipher which are true and which aren't. This is the case with some diseases, as well. One condition that seems to have countless myths and misconceptions attached to it is Lyme disease. These falsehoods range from where the disease is […]

Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease


The "Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease" challenge began last month with the goal of raising awareness for this debilitating illness. The challenge is simple (and sour). You are asked to take a photo or video of yourself biting a lime and share a fact about the disease. Don't forget to use the hash […]

Adrenal Fatigue: Causes, Signs, and Symptoms


More common are cases where the adrenal glands are producing some - but not enough - stress hormones. This is known as adrenal fatigue. (Note: the integrative health world is pioneering in this area, but conventional medicine still does not recognize that adrenal dysfunction includes more than just an absence or excess of adrenal hormones!) […]

Is it Chronic Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?


"Chronic fatigue" is a symptom, referring to continuing significant fatigue that lasts for months. It can be the result of a variety of ongoing or chronic conditions and illnesses (for example hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, anemia), nutritional deficiencies, sleep disorders like apnea, chronic pain, depression, and other health issues. Ongoing fatigue lasting at least six months […]

Fibromyalgia - A Mystery Medical Condition?


Brief periods of mental or physical exertion left them exhausted. And while their pains might migrate from one area of the body to another at any given time, there were 11 points on the body that were always more tender than other areas. This illness has been studied since the 1800's, and identified by a […]

Listen to Your Gut for Immune System Health


The microflora in the gut form a barrier that protects against invaders by competing with harmful bacteria and viruses. These microflora actually communicate with the immune system, prompting it to attack bad bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, and to prevent more bacteria from taking up residence. When microflora aren't thriving, these harmful agents are left […]

Is Lyme Disease the Next AIDS?


This new number was derived from a survey of seven national laboratories, a national patient survey, and a review of insurance information. It is the CDC's most comprehensive attempt at a better estimate. But the numbers are estimated to be much higher when you include the vast number of patients who are told they don't […]

Lyme Disease, "The Great Imitator"


Contrary to popular belief, Lyme disease is not limited to the northeastern United States, but is seen in every state across the country. It is often called "the great imitator" because Lyme can mimic virtually any disease, including multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou […]

Is Your Set Point Sabotaging Your Diet?


The "set point" is the brain's target weight for a person's body. Just as the body works to maintain a fairly standard temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it also works to maintain a body weight that is physiologically comfortable. The set point is maintained by the hypothalamus, and is often genetically influenced. However, a number […]

Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain with CoQ10


Fibromyalgia can cause pain anywhere in the body, but the most common sites include the neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms and legs. Optimal treatment of fibromyalgia requires a multi-system approach that can include addressing underlying viral infections, hormone imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. Now, two new studies show that supplementing with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may help […]

Fibromyalgia: The Invisible Disorder


For patients with severe symptoms, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can be extremely debilitating and can interfere with the basic activities of daily life, even bringing psychological distress and social isolation. A Relatively New Diagnosis Fibromyalgia is not a new syndrome, but it is surprisingly not well recognized in medical practice, even though it is […]

Treating Thyroid Conversion Disorders with T3


To properly treat hypothyroidism, you must first know your Ts. Thyroxine, or T4, is the thyroid "storage hormone." Triodothyronine, or T3, is the "energy hormone." For the body to use T4, it must first convert it to the active hormone T3, giving energy to every cell in the body. Another critical thyroid hormone is reverse […]

The Power of a Healthy Diet


People who are dealing with serious diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and thyroid disease must recognize the importance of dietary guidelines in their treatment. A healthy diet is a part of living a healthy life. Fibromyalgia And Nutrition Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition whose symptoms include muscle and tissue pain, fatigue, depression, and sleep […]

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