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Liz Floyd

A Deep Look into Lyme Disease: Q+A with Holtorf Medical Group’s Dr. Lisa Hunt

A Lyme Warrior asks her doctor about all things Lyme.

Jason Dobruck

8 Ways To Get Your Body Ready for Pregnancy

Your health is important to your future child's health

Holtorf Medical Group

What is Burnout?

Preventing burnout requires knowing what it is

Holtorf Medical Group

Estrogen Balance: Hormone Imbalance and the Liver

Estrogens are steroid hormones derived from cholesterol

Holtorf Medical Group

How Hormone Imbalance Influences Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Hormone activity can help alleviate symptoms of ADD

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Holtorf Medical Group

Are You Leptin Resistant? Here’s How To Know + What To Do About It

Leptin informs the body when it should be storing fat

Holtorf Medical Group

Hormones and Weight: Why You're Not Losing Weight and What You Can Do About It

Many different hormones play a role in weight gain

Jason Dobruck

What Every Woman Needs to Know About PCOS

10% of women experience PCOS

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