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All Articles
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Holtorf Medical Group

Back-to-School Tips for Boosting Brainpower

What's BDNF & more

Holtorf Medical Group

Naturally Enhance Your Energy

3 in 5 Americans are more tired now than ever

Holtorf Medical Group

Why Sleep Matters & Why You Need to Optimize It

Millions of Americans struggle with sleep.

Holtorf Medical Group

The Newest Biomarkers to Test Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

The data you need to live healthier.

Holtorf Medical Group

What Is Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation (ILBI), Benefits, & More

This treatment was first introduced in 1981

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Holtorf Medical Group

Mood-Boosting At-Home Tips

55% of Americans are stressed on a daily basis

Holtorf Medical Group

Summer Foods to Boost Metabolic Health

Less than 1/3 of us are metabolically healthy.

Holtorf Medical Group

Tips for Avoiding Summer Bloat

Bloating is inflammation of the gut

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