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The "Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease" challenge began last month with the goal of raising awareness for this debilitating illness. The challenge is simple (and sour). You are asked to take a photo or video of yourself biting a lime and share a fact about the disease. Don't forget to use the hash tags #lymediseasechallenge and #takeabiteoutoflyme, challenge three other people (family, friends, even enemies) to do the same, and donate $10 to ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society).

The main goal of the challenge is to spread awareness of this condition, which is devastating to the lives of so many. This is now an epidemic. Unfortunately, many people go through life undiagnosed because Lyme disease mimics various other conditions. Its nickname is "The Great Imitator" and is often misdiagnosed as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig's disease), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, Alzheimers, generalized fatigue, inability to lose weight, Parkinson's disease, and various others.

"Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease" is not only spreading awareness, but also raising funds for ILADS, a nonprofit medical society that is dedicated to the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and associated conditions. Their goals are to improve physicians understanding of Lyme disease, improve the management and care of Lyme through clinical research programs, advance the standards of care and develop programs for healthcare provide support.

It's time to "Take a Bite Out of Lyme!" Are you in?

Find out more about the challenge.

Thank you Dr. Holtorf for taking a bite out of Lyme

Dr. Holtorf Biting Lime
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