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New Study Links Thyroid Dysfunction to Dementia

Holtorf Medical Group

January is Thyroid Awareness Month, making it a good time to highlight the latest trending research studies when it comes to how the thyroid can impact the rest of the body:

New Study Links Hypothyroidism to Increased Risk of Dementia

A study published by the American Academy of Neurology in July 2022 showed that older individuals with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) may be at increased risk of developing dementia. The study also suggests the risk of developing dementia was even higher for people whose thyroid condition required thyroid hormone replacement medication.

Study author Chien-Hsiang Weng, MD, MPH, of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island stated that, "In some cases, thyroid disorders have been associated with dementia symptoms that can be reversible with treatment…While more studies are needed to confirm these findings, people should be aware of thyroid problems as a possible risk factor for dementia and therapies that could prevent or slow irreversible cognitive decline."

So how was this study conducted?

Breakdown of Results

This study looked at the medical records of 7,843 people newly diagnosed with dementia in Taiwan and compared them to the same number of people who did not have dementia. The average participant age was 75.

When researchers adjusted for factors that have the potential to individual’s risk of dementia (such as sex, age, high blood pressure, and diabetes), they found that people over age 65 with hypothyroidism were 80% more likely to develop dementia than people the same age who did not have thyroid problems.

For participants under the age of 65, hypothyroidism was not associated with an increased risk of dementia. Weng hypothesizes, “One explanation for this could be that these people are more likely to experience greater symptoms from hypothyroidism where treatment was needed.”

It is important to note that the study looked at individuals who suffer from hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and the researchers found no link between hyperthyroidism and dementia.

What Does This Mean for Hypothyroid Patients?

Hypothyroid patients are often well aware of how the thyroid can affect the brain as many experience brain fog or “thyrofog” when the thyroid is not functioning optimally. However, it is important to note that this is simply one study and more research still needs to be done.

It is always important to look after your brain, it is one of the most vital organs (STATS), but for hypothyroid patients it may be time to be particularly vigilant.

Tips for a Healthy Brain

Below are tips to promote a healthy brain and you can shop high-quality brain supplements on Dr. Holtorf’s Holtraceuticals:


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