Navigating Skin Issues in Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism, a condition characterized by an overactive thyroid gland, can have a wide array of symptoms. While many are familiar with its effects on metabolism and energy levels, the impact on skin health is less commonly discussed. This article aims to educate patients about the skin issues associated with hyperthyroidism, offering insights for better management […]

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Hypothyroidism And It's Effect On Your Skin

When it comes to hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland is underactive, most of us are aware of common symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and feeling cold. However, what many might not know is that hypothyroidism can also significantly affect your skin, the body's largest organ. This article aims to shed light on these […]

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Morgellons disease is a dermatological disease that is the result of fibers underneath, embedded in, and erupting from unbroken skin or slow-healing sores. Because this condition is relatively uncommon it is often misdiagnosed as a psychological disorder. However, this disease is very real and its symptoms can be extremely painful and interfere with daily activities. Morgellons […]

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