Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders result from damage to the muscular and/or skeletal system. Pain can appear suddenly or build slowly over time, ranging from mild and intermittent to severe, and may result from an injury or infection. It persists for months or years and affects your physical and emotional well-being.

These injuries are often caused by repetitive or strenuous motion in a workplace environment as is this case with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tension neck syndrome, and other conditions. In fact, musculoskeletal injuries are the most common form of workplace injuries as they are responsible for approximately 30% of all worker’s compensation costs globally. No matter what the reasons behind your pain are, you can benefit from many techniques and healthy lifestyle habits, and greatly improve the quality of your life.

Other common musculoskeletal injuries and disorders include: Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Epicondylitis Radial Tunnel Syndrome Digital Neuritis DeQuervain’s Syndrome Mechanical Back Syndrome Degenerative Disc Disease Ruptured / Herniated Disc Muscle/tendon strain Ligament sprain Thoracic Outlet Compression

Common symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders include: pain, weakness, stiffness, joint noises, and a decreased range of motion. Like most injuries, musculoskeletal disorders are frequently accompanied by inflammation, which may cause swelling, warmth, tenderness, impaired function, and sometimes the reddening of the skin.

There are certain individual risk factors that put people at a higher risk of developing a musculoskeletal injury or disorder. Those who employ poor work practices such as performing repetitive tasks, especially with force, and those who work with poor posture are at a higher risk of developing a musculoskeletal condition. Additionally, a lack of regular exercise and a poor diet are contributing factors.

There are many solutions for joint and musculoskeletal injuries including diet and lifestyle changes, PEMF to decrease inflammation, prolozone, and others. At Holtorf Medical Group we strive to uncover the root cause of symptoms. We will work with you to not just treat the symptoms, but treat the underlying illness. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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