The 1990 Human Genome Project was founded on the idea that identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome would lead to profound developments in science and medicine. This revolutionary project won the Albany Medical Center Prize and is the foundation of today’s approach to “personalized medicine” with genomics.

Through the use of third-party platforms, Holtorf Medical Group incorporates genomics to administer personalized care to our patients. Based on a patient's genomic profile, our providers are able to tailor care to better meet patient needs.

Genomic technologies are incredibly useful in regards to gene discovery and diagnosis of rare monogenic disorders. More specifically, this technology can be used by clinicians from all specialties to diagnose their patients who have genes that indicate they are at a high-risk for certain diseases or conditions. In fact, researchers are now using these techniques to identify new genes that are linked to diseases. Because of genomics, over 4,000 diseases now have a known single genetic cause (a dramatic increase to the known 50 genetic diseases in 1990).

It is also common for genomic technologies to be utilized in order to understand the contribution of both rare and common genetic factors to the development of high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Oncology, in particular, is at the forefront of incorporating genomics as a diagnostic tool.

Additionally, genomics is a useful tool when predicting a patient’s response to a particular drug. More specifically, genomics can indicate how well a person will respond to a drug and if they are likely to experience certain side effects. This eliminates the guesswork and allows for effective treatment that is personalized to the patient.

Precision in the world of medicine is key, especially when dealing with chronic health conditions as early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life. Genomic testing has become increasingly popular in the treatment of diseases that are caused by genetic mutations as it allows us to take a proactive and preventative approach to our patient's health.

Genomics testing allows us to take a proactive and preventative approach to our patient's health.

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