Are you upset about the last minute webcast on September 3rd? So are we. Holtorf Medical Group would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our faithful audience and give an explanation for our actions.

I'm sure you're aware that this live webcast was originally set to air on Thursday, August 21st. So what happened? Well, Dr. Evans and the technical staff were all set up and ready to go, but the cameras were a different story. We began experiencing technical difficulties. The team tirelessly worked and tried to diagnose the issue for several hours, but was unable to fix the problem, which means we were also unable to deliver the webcast that we promised. For that we sincerely apologize.

After the difficulties that were experienced on August 21st Holtorf Medical Group decided that we would wait to set a new date for the live webcast and planned on pre-recording the chat to prevent the same disappointment, but Dr. Evans thought it would be more beneficial to the audience if the chat was live. With that we posted a "Breaking New" alert to our viewers, sent an email, and began to stream the video. Again we sincerely apologize about the last minute webcast and will give a better notice to you next time.

You may be thinking, "Wouldn't it be better just to do a traditional webinar rather than a webcast? That way you won't have the same problem when trying to stream live video." We have considered both options, but we feel that webcasts are the best thing for our viewers for the following reasons:

  • Webinars consist of only audio and slideshow. Our webcasts, much like a traditional TV live broadcast, are live video and allow you to see the speaker along with any illustrations that want to give.
  • Webinars require the viewers to sign up and RSVP. Our webcasts don't require a sign up or an RSVP and are open to everyone.
  • Webinars have a space limit and only allow so many participants. Our webcasts are limitless when it comes to how many people can watch.
  • Webinars are mostly one-time views, meaning that you can't go back and re-watch if you missed something. Our webcasts are available anytime to watch as many times as you want.
  • Webinars sometimes require a fee to view. Our webcasts are absolutely FREE!

Again, we apologize for the last minute decision to go live, but please remember, we always have your best interest at heart!

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