Chronic pain has an enormous impact on the quality of life of those who suffer from it on a daily basis. Research studies surveying both patients and physicians have documented that poorly managed chronic pain negatively affects many aspects of a person’s life, including psychological well-being, economic status, sleep, and interpersonal relationships. Recently, there is growing awareness and concern over long-term opioid use to manage pain, due to their addictive potential and other side effects. People are searching for safer alternatives.

One such alternative offering hope to many chronic pain sufferers is called Prolozone Therapy. Developed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, this revolutionary treatment is based on the principles of three other therapies currently and historically used for chronic pain – neural therapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. This treatment is proving to be not only extremely safe and effective at alleviating symptoms of pain, but also amazingly successful at permanently resolving many chronic pain-related conditions.

Breaking the Pain Cycle

Dr. Shallenberger asserted that the root of all chronic pain and disease is largely due to poor oxygen utilization by the body, preventing it from harnessing its natural healing abilities. He describes what he calls the “circle of chronic pain” which sometimes occurs after a trauma or injury (either localized or systemic) because of a series of self-perpetuating reactions within the body. The result is persistent pain that will continue and maybe even worsen until this vicious cycle is broken. Older patients are more at risk for falling into the cycle because they already have an age-related decline in oxygen utilization. The steps involved in this cycle include decreased oxygen utilization, decreased membrane potential, increased free radicals, tissue damage, fluid retention, and inflammation.

This is the exact reason why Prolozone Therapy is so unique and effective. It was designed to break the pain cycle by injecting targeted agents into the affected area, so that the body can utilize its self-healing mechanisms to do the rest of the work. Prolozone injections contain a carefully selected combination of the following:

  • Procaine – the general form of the analgesic Novacaine; used to numb pain from the injection and restore damaged membrane potential
  • Anti-inflammatory medications – may be taken orally or included in the injected solution; reduces pain and swelling
  • Homeopathics – may be used in place of medications to target inflammation
  • Vitamins and Minerals – magnesium and B vitamins; nutrients needed for improved oxygen utilization
  • Proliferatives – natural substances used to induce a mild inflammatory response; stimulates the body to produce new collagen tissue, providing permanent repair and stabilization to ligaments and tendons
  • Ozone – a medical-grade combination of Oxygen (O₂) and Ozone (O₃); increases oxygen utilization/energy production; decreases free radicals; fights infection

Prolozone Therapy vs. Prolotherapy

It is important to distinguish the cutting-edge Prolozone Therapy from the classic prolotherapy used in many osteopathic and orthopedic offices. While it does incorporate aspects of prolotherapy, there are distinct benefits that give this newer treatment the edge. For one, Prolozone Therapy is a much less painful process and provides an immediate 50-80% decrease in pain because of the combination of procaine and fast-acting ozone. It is also safe to use anti-inflammatory agents concurrently during the treatment phase (and provides additional benefit), unlike with prolotherapy where this is contraindicated.

Another advantage is that the injection solution is in gas form (rather than liquid), making it possible to treat larger areas at one time. This translates into fewer injections and less cost over time. Also, the results of prolotherapy are often limited by an individual’s nutritional status, while Prolozone Therapy provides the necessary nutrients for healing to help those who may be deficient. And finally, practitioners are witnessing extraordinary cartilage repair on x-rays of degenerated joints, such as knees, shoulders, and hips. This goes above and beyond the results generally achieved with prolotherapy alone.

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Therapeutic Applications

Since Prolozone Therapy has been shown to be exceptionally safe, just about anyone with pain is a candidate. The only known contraindication is an allergy to any of the injection’s ingredients. The procedure only takes about 30-45 minutes and generally, the only pain reported is minor, temporary discomfort at the injection site. Depending on your individual situation, you may receive anywhere from just one injection to a series of them in order to achieve optimal function, flexibility, and pain relief. A few of the degenerative and pain-related conditions it has been used to treat include:

  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Lyme disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders
  • Persistent infections
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Diabetes

This list is by no means exhaustive! If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the above-listed conditions, speak with your doctor about Prolozone Therapy.

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