Peppermint is a common addition to a wintertime diet. This powerful herb provides a unique flavor that people frequently use to warm themselves and get cozy during December. In addition to its wonderful taste, peppermint also provides numerous health benefits that can be utilized throughout the year!

The benefits of peppermint listed below provide more than enough reason why it should be added to your holiday wish list this year.

1. Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Stomach troubles may be resolved by supplementing with peppermint oil. For many IBS patients, it is a primary treatment method. A Japanese study conducted in 2007 found that 75 percent of their test group experienced a 50 percent reduction in IBS symptoms.

2. Reducing Tuberculosis-Related Inflammation

Tuberculosis is a condition affecting the lungs that may cause you to have difficulty breathing, experience intense coughing, and become fatigued. Inhaling diffused peppermint oil has been shown to reduce inflammation caused by tuberculosis. This may help resolve tuberculosis and reduce its progression and possible recursion.

3. Regulating Appetite

Inhaling peppermint in gas form may help reduce cravings and support sensations of fullness. This can help those finding it difficult to maintain a healthy diet due to aggressive cravings for poor quality foods. Even if you don’t own a diffuser, you can achieve a similar effect by applying a couple of drops to your chest or temples.

Alternatively, sniffing from a bottle of peppermint oil can help you access the air-born peppermint needed to stave off undue hunger.

4. Preventing Damage from Radiation

A common treatment for cancer is chemotherapy, which involves irradiating portions of the body to destroy cancerous cells. Unfortunately, there are many side effects associated with radiation exposure. Peppermint contains elements that may reduce the impact of radiation and protect your DNA and cells from the harmful effect of radiation exposure and certain treatments.

5. Inhibiting Cancer Growth

Menthol is a naturally occurring component of peppermint oil that provides multiple benefits. One such benefit is its ability to inhibit the growth of cancerous prostate cells.

A study done in 2009, conducted at Seoul National University College of Medicine, found that chemical processes influenced by menthol may reduce cancerous growth in the prostate. This is accomplished through regulation of the transport and functions of cells that may increase tumor growth and progression.

6. Supporting Mouth Wellness

Peppermint has a powerful effect on the mouth and does more than simply provide a refreshing scent. Using peppermint oil extract as a mouthwash has been shown to be more effective than other methods for limiting the formation of biofilms associated with the creation of cavities.

Alternatively, powdered peppermint leaves have been used as an aesthetic treatment that improves both the smell of the breath and the whiteness of teeth.

7. Reducing Headaches and Nausea

Pain associated with tension headaches may be alleviated through the application of peppermint oil. Applying a few drops to your wrists or temples, or dapping a cloth and inhaling from it can help alleviate nagging headache pains.

8. Alleviating Stress

Adding a few drops of peppermint oil into a bath or directly on your body prior to washing can provide significant stress relief. Alternatively, introducing the aroma of peppermint into the air with the aid of an oil burner can fill a room or entire home with the stress-reducing aroma of peppermint.

9. Calming Respiratory Issues and Asthma

Stuffy noses and sinus blockages are common during the winter. These issues can be relieved by using the powerful expectorant and decongestant that is peppermint oil. Releasing peppermint oil into the air with the use of a vaporizer or applying it directly to the chest can improve nasal congestion and respiratory difficulties.

Peppermint also contains rosmarinic acid, which can reduce inflammation and open the airways of those with asthma.

10. Alleviating Muscle Pain

Muscle and joint pain may be relieved by applying peppermint oil to the affected areas. Adding peppermint to your bath and soaking in it can help relieve pain. Incorporating peppermint oil into a massage may also provide notable pain relief and muscle relaxation. These methods are particularly effective at alleviating backaches and sore muscles.

Those with Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, or other chronic pain issues may be also able to reduce their level of pain with the application of peppermint oil.

11. Improving Energy Levels

Regardless if you have reduced energy levels caused by post-meal malaise, lack of sleep, or a fatigue-inducing condition, peppermint may provide a powerful boost. Rather than downing a pot of coffee, take a few large sniffs of peppermint to up energy levels. This natural energizer can be used instead of potentially harmful sugar-spiking snacks, drinks, or supplements.

12. Anti-itching and Bug Repellant

Dry skin and itchiness affect many people during the winter months. No matter if you have had a run-in with itch-inducing plants or are simply accosted by itchiness, peppermint oil may provide a soothing sensation.

Preventing the occurrence of itchiness by deterring bug bites can also be done with peppermint oil. Many common pests are highly opposed to peppermint oil and avoid it whenever possible. Spraying this all-natural pest deterrent around your home can help keep bugs and vermin away.

13. Enriching Skin and Hair

Other forms of skin irritation may be relieved by peppermint oil. Skin inflammation can be reduced through peppermint oil-based balms, lotions, and applying them directly to the affected area. Research shows that peppermint may even be able to alleviate acne due to its anti-microbial properties.

Enjoying the Powers of Peppermint

Even though peppermint may only become a prominent product during the winter season, adding it to your health regimen year-round can improve overall wellness. Because of the many powerful benefits offered by peppermint oil and its vast array of applications, there is little reason not to utilize and enjoy it throughout the winter and the entirety of the year.

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