Icon is a light-based, non-surgical treatment that is scientifically designed to improve the look of your skin quickly and easily. Want to improve your scars? The fractional laser treatment is fast and easy in reducing the appearance of acne or surgical scars on any area of the body – including the face. Icon can help revitalize your skin and erase your insecurities in a safe and effective way.

Icon is a non-ablative laser, which means it does not remove any skin layers. It works by targeting a pulse of light towards unwanted pigment and vessels within your skin. This allows for the treatment to target your problem areas on the outer layer of your skin by heating the lower layers of the dermis to promote collagen production. These new collagen fibers stimulated by the Icon laser will help develop a smoother layer of outer skin.

You will see improvement immediately following the treatment as the skin imperfections slowly disappear through the body’s natural healing process and over time, the results will continue to get better. You can expect to see a decrease in the appearance of brown spots and vessels, leaving you with a more even skin tone.

To prepare for the procedure, a series of treatments should be done several weeks prior in order to increase your skin’s tolerance to the treatment, which helps minimize the risk of side effects. On the day of the procedure, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic to the area being treated. Next, the skin will be cleansed of any excess oil, dirt, and bacteria. The Icon laser will then be used on the desired area. Typically, the procedure does not take more than 30 minutes. Following treatment, the skin may be wrapped in order to protect it.

The skin’s healing process usually takes between three and ten days. Generally, the larger the area treated, the longer the recovery time. During recovery, redness and peeling may occur. This is to be expected and is a natural part of the healing process. During this time when your skin is sensitive and exposed, it is best to avoid areas that could possibly increase your risk of infection such as the gym. It is also recommended to limit sun exposure while you are healing for optimal results.

Icon is a treatment that is able to address various problems and concerns and can be used on many different skin types. So, if you want to improve the overall look and feel of your skin, Icon may be the perfect option for you.

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