Male libido is the driving force behind male sexual desire. Having a healthy libido is an important part of both physical and mental wellness. Unfortunately, many men in the United States regularly experience libidinal deficiency and subsequent sexual dysfunction. Some data suggests that upwards of 31% of men experience libido-related sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, it may be possible for men to alleviate libidinal issues by optimizing various elements of health. Below are seven ways that men can restore libido, improving sexual performance, and attaining greater sexual satisfaction.

1. Remove or Resolve Libido Inhibitors

Hormones are one of the most broadly important elements of wellness. They regulate many processes throughout the body including metabolism, brain function, and even libido. Poor hormone function can notably impede these and other processes.

There are several elements of everyday life that stealthily inhibit hormone production and activity, which can have a dramatic impact on libido. Improvement or resolution of the following issues may help revitalize your libido:

Chronic stress– Check out our stress-reducing tips here.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

Poor sleep quality


Antidepressants– Find out what other medications can impede proper libido function.

2. Optimize Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is critical for many male functions, including sexual desire and virility. When a man is sexually active, they release testosterone which tells the brain to release nitric oxide, an amino acid that helps increase blood flow. The increased flow is an important component of erectile function. The increased circulation of nutrients and oxygen that comes with greater, better blood flow increases sexual performance, potency, and endurance. Men with low testosterone values often have a low sex drive and have difficulty maintaining an erection.

If low testosterone is the cause of poor sexual performance and low libido, there are two simple solutions; supplementation and lifestyle improvements.

Testosterone supplements provide additional testosterone to make up for an existing deficiency. Restoring testosterone values in this way may resolve erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance. Taking a testosterone supplement can also increase energy levels and support weight loss.

Besides supplementation, men can improve testosterone values through lifestyle improvements. Avoiding activities such as smoking and excess alcohol usage while also following a healthy diet and regularly exercising can notably increase testosterone values.

3. Consider Oxytocin Supplementation

When an individual achieves orgasmic climax, the hormone oxytocin is at its most prevalent. This chemical is effective at boosting the libido while also cultivating sensations of attachment and closeness between individuals.

If you feel like your libido needs a boost, speak to your physician about getting a prescription for an oxytocin nasal. Studies show that using oxytocin before intercourse can increase libido, support feelings of closeness between partners, and improve sexual performance.

4. & 5. Supplement with Libido-Boosting Amino Acids

Amino acids are organic compounds that act as the body’s building blocks. There are many types of amino acids, each with unique qualities and benefits. Of these, there are two specific amino acids that may provide notable libidinal support; arginine and ornithine.


As mentioned above, nitric oxide is an important part of increasing blood flow and sexual performance. Arginine is an amino acid that is used in the production of nitric oxide. Research shows that increasing values of arginine has a similar, although slower, effect on erectile function. Taking an arginine supplement provides erectile support after a few days rather than an immediate response. However, despite delayed results, studies show that taking arginine can improve sexual satisfaction while being completely risk-free.


In a similar fashion to arginine, the amino acid ornithine can improve erectile function. The major difference between arginine and ornithine is that the effects of ornithine last for a longer period. The body naturally converts ornithine into arginine at a slow rate. This elongates effects of arginine allowing men to maintain an erection for a longer period.

You can improve levels of arginine and ornithine by supplementing with tablets, powders, or capsules. You may also consider eating more whole foods such as fish, meat, dairy products, nuts, rice, soybeans, and wheat which are rich in arginine and ornithine.

6. Resolve Relationship Issues

Feeling close and connected to one’s partner is a primary trigger of libidinal activity. When separation or emotional distance enters the relationship, sexual attraction and libido is one of the first casualties. In the presence of anger, unresolved or regular conflict, a lack of communication, or resentment between partners, mutual attraction and sex drive plummets. Resolving these and other emotional and relational issues, libido may be restored, and healthy sexual activity reinstated.

If you are having difficulty resolving issues with your partner, consider enlisting the aid of a psychologist or relational therapist.

7. Remove Distractions

Often, intimate space is invaded by attention-grabbing objects such as televisions, computers, phones, or even children. This can bring one’s sex drive to a screeching halt. Removing distractions and moving intimate activities to an isolated location supports libidinal activation, allowing greater opportunity for intentional and mutually satisfying intercourse.

Bring Back Your Sex Drive

Identifying and improving libido-inhibiting elements in your life comes with more benefits than just restoring your sex drive. For example, if hormonal deficiencies are the cause of poor performance and sexual dysfunction, there are significant health benefits, aside from greater sexual satisfaction, that comes with restoring them. Many of the above elements are interconnected and improvement of one area may positively affect others resulting in a powerful boost to your performance. If you experience sexual dysfunction, consider implementing some or all of the libido-restoring tips discussed above.

At Holtorf Medical Group our physicians are trained to utilize cutting-edge testing and innovative treatments to uncover and address the underlying cause of low libido. If you are experiencing low libido, contact us to see how we can help you!

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