What is NAD+ and How Can I Benefit from NAD IV Therapy?

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As we age, our bodies begin to slow down physically and mentally. Although there are several factors involved in this decline, recent research suggests that diminishing values of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) may contribute greatly to common symptoms of aging. Fortunately, studies suggest that by supplementing with NAD you may be able to slow the onset of or reverse various age-related issues.

Read on to learn more about this impressive substance, the issues it addresses, and the most effective method of supplementation.

The Important and Varied Functions of NAD

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or simply NAD, is a naturally occurring coenzyme of vitamin B3 found in every cell in the body. The primary role of NAD is maintaining DNA integrity and reversing cell damage. However, it also has several other functions.

NAD is involved in numerous processes that are essential for maintaining a wide array of bodily functions. For example, NAD plays a significant role in oxidation-reduction reactions. These are important metabolic processes that facilitate the conversion of food into energy in the form of ATP. ATP is the body’s primary energy carrier. As such, a deficiency in NAD can contribute to declining ATP values resulting in long-lasting or chronic fatigue.

NAD is perhaps most well-known as an anti-aging agent. Part of NAD’s job is to work with cellular structures called mitochondria to activate specific molecules. The molecules in question, SIRT 1 and PARP 1 promote DNA repair, which helps alleviate DNA degradation. This effectively slows the aging process as DNA degradation is a major source of declining bodily function and age-related illness.

Unfortunately, the amount of NAD in the body declines over time and may be accelerated by certain activities such as excessive consumption of alcohol. Studies suggest that a decrease in NAD may contribute to degenerative issues such as premature skin aging, and possibly increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, mitochondrial malfunction, and vision loss. Fortunately, it may be possible to counteract these, and other issues associated with aging by supplementing with NAD.

What Can NAD Do for You?

Over 100 years of research confirms that NAD therapies offer a wide range of benefits including the delay and/or resolution of certain age-related diseases. NAD therapy has also been shown to improve various elements of wellness that are not associated directly with the aging process. Some of the specific benefits of NAD are discussed below.

Encourages Cell Regeneration

Increasing your values of NAD may improve cellular repair. NAD works in conjunction with ATP to limit cellular stress and inflammation by regulating the body’s immune response. NAD is also involved in the activation of molecules that help repair damaged cells and DNA. This facilitates greater cell functionality and longevity which can delay or even alleviate common age-related symptoms.

Supports Brain Function

Neurodegeneration is one of the most common issues of aging. The loss of neurological function is usually accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty thinking clearly, loss of memory, cognitive decline, and slowed thinking or response time. Interestingly, studies suggest it may be possible to delay or alleviate neurodegenerative issues by improving NAD values. This is because NAD supports neuron function, prevents cell damage, protects against toxins, encourages mitochondrial biogenesis, and increases serotonin values. Supporting these areas with NAD supplementation can result in greater concentration, memory, mental clarity, and mood regulation.

Combats Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is an issue affecting many individuals. Sadly, the source of the unrelenting exhaustion that accompanies this condition is often unclear. Interestingly, research suggests that improving NAD values in patients with a deficit may revitalize cellular activity thereby improving chronic fatigue and energy level.

Kick-starts Metabolism

NAD supplementation may help limit the declining metabolic function caused by aging. Restoring or maintaining healthy metabolic activity through NAD supplementation may encourage weight loss and muscle building, increase energy level, and improve physical performance.

Delays Aging

Oxidative stress is perhaps the greatest contributor to signs and symptoms of aging. Sirtuins are enzymes that help regulate inflammation and protect DNA from oxidative stress. NAD works alongside Sirtuins to regulate pathways associated with age-related illness. Maintaining appropriate NAD values helps to ensure these regulatory pathways function properly. This helps limit the risk of malfunction that could contribute to symptoms of aging.

Alleviates Addiction

Recent studies suggest that NAD supplementation may notably improve the efficacy of addiction therapies. By supporting cellular rejuvenation in the brain, NAD helps restore healthy neurological activity. This promotes better mood regulation, reduced cravings, and may even improve symptoms of withdrawal. These qualities greatly support addiction treatments and can help patients more effectively recover from their condition. 

How to Best Supplement with NAD

Although there are multiple ways to supplement with NAD, experts recognize that intravenous therapy as the best approach for improving NAD values.

Unlike oral administration, intravenous therapies are not digested. Digestion inhibits delivery speed and partially breaks down supplement formulations meaning that only a portion of the treatment actually makes it to the bloodstream. In contrast, intravenous delivery ensures that 100 percent of the formulation is made available for immediate use by cells and tissues because it is delivered directly into the bloodstream.

Compared to oral therapies, intravenous delivery provides greater absorption, higher potency, and faster results. These qualities make it clear that intravenous therapy is the superior approach for NAD supplementation.

Improving the Present and Protecting Your Future with NAD IV Therapy

NAD therapy is best recognized for its anti-aging and cell-rejuvenating qualities. However, it also provides several other benefits that may help you realize greater wellness now. Studies suggest that NAD supplementation may improve neurological function, metabolic activity, physical performance, and recovery; just to name a few.

You can quickly and safely acquire these, and the many other benefits of NAD discussed above, through NAD IV therapy. Give us a call at 877-508-1177 to schedule your NAD IV.


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