Nationwide Telephone Consultation with a Doctor

Call 877-508-1177

Can’t travel to a Holtorf Medical Group Facility?

We now offer a nationwide program with a HMG doctor to consult with you on your health issues.

Our doctors specialize in complex endocrine issues, optimal hormone balancing, CFS and fibromyalgia and will be able to answer your complex health questions.

This phone consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your condition/health questions
  • Discuss potential causes of your diagnosed or currently undiagnosed condition
  • Review of extensive questionnaire to help determine underlying causes of your symptoms
  • Help you understand and interpret your laboratory tests
  • Review your most current lab tests and offer advice if more in-depth testing would better assess your current health problems
  • Recommend further laboratory testing (can be done by your local physician)
  • Increase the effectiveness of your current treatments with recommendations of pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals 
  • Review potential treatment options for your personal health concerns
  • Discussing new cutting-edge therapies that include bioidentical hormonal and other treatment options
  • Help you find the treatment that is best for you with specific recommendations
  • Discuss your risk factors of an imbalanced endocrine system
  • Provide knowledge to be sure your treating physician is providing optimal care and to prepare for your doctor’s visit

Schedule your phone consultation now!

  • This 30 minute phone session with an HMG doctor is $345 or 1 hour is $475
  • While you will be discussing your health needs and concerns with a doctor, we cannot actually treat you or prescribe medications if you are not seen in person in our office.  You will need to be working with your personal doctor for any treatment, prescriptions or medications.
  • There is no Medicare or insurance reimbursement for this service.