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1. How quickly will I start feeling better?

Our goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Many patients begin to feel better within days or weeks of the first visit while sicker or more complex cases can take longer to see improvement. While we cannot guarantee results, the overwhelming majority of patients feel significantly better by the 4th visit (see the peer-reviewed study discussing our outcomes published in Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). We attempt to diagnose and treat the underlying abnormalities, including hormonal, metabolic, infectious and physiologic, and attempt to treat the cause rather than just symptomatic treatment (which is usually done) to achieve long-term improvement. Proper correction of abnormalities, when multiple and severe can take longer than simple dysfunctions.

2. Why doesn’t my family doctor do such treatments?

There are several reasons for this:

1. We look at test results based on optimal rather than just so called “normal” or abnormal.

2. We do much extensive testing to get to the root of the problem rather than just giving a medication to cover-up the symptoms.

3.Rather than spending 5-7 minutes with patients we spend much more time (30-60 minutes/visit), giving us the best opportunity to optimally treat you.

4. We use both natural and standard medicine to best treat you.

5. We continually scour medical literature to find effective treatments for patients. Studies show that even the most well thought of physicians are practicing 10-20 years behind what is available in the medical literature as discussed in Why Doesn’t My Doctor Know This.

6. We specialize in complex multi-system illness that most doctors are uncomfortable treating.

3. Do you take insurance?

We are an out of network provider but we provide you with a complete billing statement with diagnosis and procedure codes that you may submit to your PPO insurance company for possible reimbursement. HMO insurance, Medicare, and Medi-cal will not reimburse for our services. Most standard laboratory work is done by commercial laboratories that accept and bill insurance directly. With HMO insurance, you have the option of going through your primary care doctor to get some of the testing covered. The doctors/centers have opted-out of Medicare, so Medicare will not reimburse for our services.

To see the doctors:

the first visit is $595

the second is $475

and subsequent follow ups are $345 (Complex visits $395)

To see the NP (where applicable):

the first visit $495

he second visit is $375

and subsequent follow ups are $300

Pricing is subject to change.

4. Can your treatments be found at regular pharmacies?

We use bioidentical hormones because studies show they are associated with lower risks, including the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, and are more efficacious than their synthetic and animal derived synthetic versions (see The Bioidentical Hormone Debate). Customized doses and formulations of bioidentical hormones can provide superior benefits and effects as compared to the standard “one size fits all” formulations or synthetic versions. The cost is typically not significantly more than most co-pays through insurance.