Holtorf Medical Group offers Mesotherapy for weight loss and body sculpting to reduce, eliminate and contour specific areas of the body. Used by over 50,000 physicians worldwide, Mesotherapy is gaining popularity in the U.S., with a handful of doctors now being certified to administer this treatment. It is a simple office procedure that uses microinjections of medications, vitamins, and minerals into the fat cells and connective tissue under the skin. The fat is then eliminated and metabolized in the body. Recent studies conducted in the U.S. have confirmed its safety and effectiveness, resulting in significant enthusiasm amongst the medical community.

How Does Mesotherapy Work?

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure and is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to liposuction. A mixture of natural and prescription medications is injected via a tiny needle into the fat or cellulite, melting away unwanted fat and connective tissue septal bands that cause cellulite. Treatment can result in the loss of dress sizes and inches off the waist. It can reduce fat in the hips, thighs, “love handles”, back, chin “saddle bags” and lower eyelids. Some patients see results after one or two treatments, while other require five to seven treatments before they are satisfied. The results are typically maintained as long as significant weight is not gained.

Mesotherapy has been shown to be extremely safe. Side effects are limited because the medications are delivered directly to the target area. Mild localized burning and bruising is common and the area is sore for a number of days as the destruction of fat causes inflammation in the area. There is not the risk of unevenness that occurs with liposuction and it can be used to correct such problems.

Mesotherapy vs Liposuction

Mesotherapy is very different from liposuction. It requires no anesthesia, no surgical risk and no recovery time. It actually removes the fat from the adipose cells without completely destroying them. This assists mesotherapy in giving a more natural appearance in the skin. If you gain weight after this treatment, the fat will simply return to the area, unlike liposuction, where fat can start to occur in places that had been thin in the past, such as the arms, neck, face, and calves.

Liposuction does not treat cellulite and may make the cellulite more prominent. Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly and the results are a smoother skin and skin surface. It reduces fat in those problem areas of the body, such as “love handles”, thighs, and back. The fat deposits flush out of areas and the body does not gain the weight back, which often happens after liposuction. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure and does not require a hospital admission, general anesthesia, or loss of productive post procedure time.

Benefits of Mesotherapy include:

Holtorf Medical Group doctors have been specially trained in administering Mesotherapy and have treated thousands of patients with outstanding results. This safe, alternative to liposuction, has many benefits including:

  • Results in no downtime
  • Fast results
  • Successfully targets cellulite
  • Breaks down sclerotic tissue
  • Increases fat cell metabolism
  • Improves local blood flow
  • Improves drainage

Mesotherapy Treatment

Depending on the area being treated and/or your stage of cellulite, you may only require 3-5 treatments. However, some people may need as many as 15 depending on the desired outcome and area treated. Once you go through the prescribed number of treatments, you can expect the results to last for at least a year. It is very important that you keep with an active healthy lifestyle so that you can maintain your results over time.

Fat Reduction/Body Sculpting: Mesotherapy can identify specific targets or spots where the body stores excessive fat. Mesotherapy formulas injected in the skin and disallow the cells from storing fat and help shrink the problem fat cells. Your body then flushes out the broken-down fat.

A medical history and physical examination is required prior to receiving treatment for weight loss and body sculpting. Based on individual requirements, the doctor selects a formula consisting of several medications that block alpha receptors and stimulate the beta receptors. Once injected into the skin, the formula slowly diffuses into the fat, and breaks it down. The number of weight loss and body sculpting treatments required varies from person to person.

Cellulite Reduction: Cellulite is a condition that gives a lumpy, dimpled appearance to the skin, especially on the hips, buttocks and legs. It affects 95% of post-pubescent women and the majority of women over age 21. Cellulite is not limited to women who are overweight and is commonly found in slim females. Again, cellulite is not a disease of excess weight, though this may aggravate the condition. It is also not caused by lack of exercise or improper diet.

Cellulite treatment includes treating several factors. Your physician will create a Mesotherapy formula customized for you. Components of the solutions dissolve the fat and the cellulite and induce cellulysis of the damaged connective tissue. The aesthetic results include smoothing and contouring of the skin’s surface.

For more information on Mesotherapy and if it’s right for you, speak to our Patient Representative at 877-508-1177.