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Media Appearances

Women's World

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “New Hope for Always-Achy Muscles” in which he discussed the increasingly common occurrence of fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.

ABC News

Dr. Holtorf offers tips on how to recognize and treat symptoms of Thyroid disorders.

Women's Health

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article where he discussed low thyroid, national thyroid awareness month, and gave readers information regarding Thyroidism.


Dr. Holtorf was the Endocrinology Expert for the AOL Health Medical Board. As an expert, Dr. Holtorf wrote several articles including, “Statins: The Good The Bad and The Ugly”

Better Homes & Gardens

Dr. Holtorf was interviewed on the topic of heart health. He discussed the best ways to maintain optimal heart function and potential underlying risk factors.


Dr. Holtorf was featured in a segment with Nancy Grace where he commented on the Chelsea King case.

CNN Money

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article on hidden health culprits in America that are frequently unaddressed, misdiagnosed, or improperly treated.


Dr. Holtorf outlines his tips and tricks to maintain optimal immune health and boost your immune system while traveling.

Fox Business

In a six-minute segment, Dr. Holtorf explains the difficulties of standard medicine practices that are restricted by the cash flow of hospitals and insurance companies.

Glamour Magazine

Dr. Holtorf was featured as a medical expert and explained the science behind why some people experience a cracking or popping sensation in their feet.

Good Housekeeping

In an article titled, “Drop 5 Pounds,” Dr. Holtorf provided insight into biological mechanisms involved with weight gain and loss and provided tips on quick ways to lose weight.

Good Morning America

Dr. Holtorf discusses how fatigue and chronic fatigue could be a medical problem. He also discusses how Chronic Fatigue syndrome is treatable, if properly diagnosed.

Huffington Post

Dr. Holtorf was featured in a medical blog entry where he was able to share his expertise as a cutting-edge endocrinologist.

Life & Style

Dr. Holtorf is featured in an article titled, “Wow! How Did They Do That?” due to his cutting-edge treatment methods for those with rare or chronic conditions.

One of Holtorf Medical Group's doctors was featured in an article on dating while dealing with the hormonal ups and downs of menopause for Menopause Awareness Month.

Men's Health

Dr. Holtorf discussed acetaminophen and prostate cancer. He explained why early diagnosis with prostate cancer is key and ways to stay on top of your health.

Men's Journal

In an article titled, “Male Birth Control: Injectable Testosterone,” Dr. Holtorf explains the complexities of male birth control and the possible effectiveness of the drug.

NBC News

Dr. Holtorf comments on empathy and how there may be a misconstrued connection between testosterone and being an uncaring person.

New York Daily News

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article on diabetes. He discussed how to treat complex diabetes, new treatment options available, and weight affects diabetic patients.

The New York Times

In his interview, Dr. Holtorf discussed hormones, their effect on the brain, and what testing and treatments are available to regulate hormones.

Real Simple

In an article titled, “Women’s Hormones Throughout the Ages” Dr. Holtorf explains the various hormonal cycles and possible imbalances women experience over the course of their lifetime.


One of Holtorf Medical Group's doctors was interviewed on vaginal exercises and why kegels are important for women entering perimenopause and menopause.

Town & Country

Dr. Holtorf was interviewed about the topic of thyroid treatments. Dr. Holtorf shared how he treats thyroids for menopausal women.

The Washington Post

In an article titled, "H1N1 injection (and spray) rejection: Some Doctors Are Just Saying No To The Swine Flu Vaccine,” Dr. Holtorf explains both sides of the H1N1 debate.

Today Show

Dr. Holtorf and a patient were featured in a segment on Thyroid Awareness. The segment included his expert opinion, tests, and information regarding thyroid health.

US Weekly

In an article titled “Jeremy Piven’s Soy Milk Mistake” Dr. Holtorf explains the ways in which soy milk can cause hormonal imbalances.

CBS The Doctors

Dr. Holtorf was featured on CBS “The Doctors” where he discussed young girls’ hair growth on the upper lip. Dr. Holtorf discussed why and how this happens, as well as solutions and treatments.

Women's Day

A Holtorf Medical Group doctor was interviewed on the ways sex can improve overall health and keep people feeling younger and sexier.

Self Magazine

Dr. Charles Koftan and Dr. Elizabeth Lyster of the Holtorf Medical Group discussed anti-aging strategies and the ways in which hormones and other bodily systems play into aging.


Holtorf Medical Group's Dr. Elizabeth Lyster was featured in a story about the connection between menstruation and acne and why hormonal changes can lead to adult acne.

60 Minutes

Dr. Holtorf sat down with 60 Minutes' Glenn Beck to discuss the Swine Flu vaccine and outline the possible pros and cons of receiving this vaccine.


Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “Boob Size Is on the Rise." Dr. Holtorf discussed the ways that toxins like BPA can affect breast growth.


Dr. Kent Holtorf was featured as a medical expert in an article on Daniel Hauser, a child with lymphoma whose mother was not interested in treatment due to religion.


In an article titled, "Skin & Bones," Dr. Holtorf is quoted as a medical expert that offers insight into the weight loss of actress Jamie King.


Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “Weight-Loss Tips for Fibromyalgia Sufferers” where he explains the difficulties of weight loss for those suffering from this fatigue syndrome.


Dr. Holtorf was interviewed about the emotional and hormonal benefits of Oxytocin. He explained how this hormone plays a role in all of our relationships.

Fitness Magazine

Dr. Holtorf discussed the complexities of metabolism and how hormonal imbalances can lead to weight gain and other health issues.


Dr. Holtorf was featured in, “When Fat Things Happen to Fashionable People.” Dr. Holtorf discussed how the thyroid can affect a woman’s ability to lose weight.


Dr. Holtorf was filmed for a segment called, “Life Changer.” As an expert in his field, Dr. Holtorf was able to share the ways in which he helps patients get their lives back.

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “Should You Take Your Thyroid Medication Sublingually?” where he discussed the proper way to take medication for optimal thyroid function.

Fox News

Dr. Holtorf was included in an article regarding the survivors in Haiti. Dr. Holtorf provided information on how people can survive without food and water.


Dr. Holtorf was interviewed for an article about National Heart Health Month. Dr. Holtorf explains the importance of heart health and how to support this vital organ.

MedStar Health

Dr. Holtorf was featured in a segment about male menopause. Dr. Holtorf and his patient talking about symptoms to be aware of and how hormone therapy can help.

Martha Stewart Living

Dr. Holtorf was featured in a story about healthy travel tips. He shared insights on how to maintain optimal bodily function while dealing with the stress of travel.

San Francisco Chronicle

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “Experts tell panicked parents: No Need to stockpile potassium iodide," where he explained the risk of taking high doses of iodine.


Parents asked Dr. Holtorf how the Pill might be affecting your thyroid hormone replacement.

In Touch Weekly

Dr. Kent Holtorf was featured in a story regarding actress Misha Barton’s dramatic weight loss. Dr. Holtorf was quoted in the article discussing the possible hormonal changes involved weight loss.

USA Today

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled, “Hormones and Headaches,” where he explained the common occurrence of hormones being the underlying cause of headaches and even migraines.

Shape Magazine

Dr. Holtorf was interviewed for an upcoming story on sneezing and whether it can be a warning sign for possible health issues.

Teen Vogue

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “Beauty and Health” where he discussed how exercise may help with headaches and how mood is affected by cortisol.

Wall Street Journal

Dr. Holtorf contributes an article which discusses the truth about hormone therapy in a time where most women are prescribed synthetic hormones and thus denied access to safe and effective treatments.

US News & World Report

Dr. Holtorf was featured in “Bioidentical Hormones: Safer For Hot Flashes Than HRT?” and he discussed the ways in which hormone therapy can alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Fox LA

Dr. Holtorf and one of his patients were filmed at Holtorf Medical Group for a segment about “Hormone Replacement Therapy.”

Real Health

Dr. Holtorf was interviewed on the topic of hypothyroidism and he explained how this condition is a frequently overlooked cause of weight gain.


Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “Low Libido and Diabetes,” and he discussed the hormonal link between these two conditions.


Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “This little piggy went to medical school” which included his quotes about finger length and empathy, as well as his analysis of the study.

Everyday Health

Dr. Holtorf was interviewed about Fibromyalgia including how to fight back and stay sharp, pressure points and trigger points, and drug-free ways to help cope with its side effects.

Aol. Health

Dr. Holtorf was featured in an article titled “The Chosen Ones: Genes Play Key Role in Who Lives to 100” and discussed the ways genetic predispositions affect your health.

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