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Here at Holtorf Medical Group, we understand the powerful impact of chronic illness on mental health. As such, we are dedicated to providing the greatest care possible in support of better psychological health by offering exceptional psychotherapeutic services.

Watch the video below to learn more about our certified therapist, Andy Balazs, MFT, and how he can help you!


Hi! My name is Andy Balazs. I am a licensed therapist and work with both adults and adolescents to address their needs and alleviate their symptoms in a timely way. Thanks to my upbringing and time spent growing up in Chile and Brazil, I am very open and comfortable with different cultures and people. I have always been a people-person which is what brought me to psychology.

I believe psychology is a two-way street – I learn from my clients and they learn from me. This is one of the reasons I find my job so enjoyable and why I love what I do! But I also love being able to watch an individual grow and improve during our time together.

When it comes to individuals that deal with chronic illness, I believe I can help them on their journey, as my wife has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, so I have a very deep understanding of what she goes through and the suffering she’s experienced, not only in the physical manner, but also with the anxiety and depression that accompanies chronic illness. While I understand that every individual is unique, I believe this experience has allowed me to be able to relate to my clients on a deeper level.

In addition to the anxiety and emotional component that accompanies chronic illness, there can also be a sense of lost identity – where the illness has become the individual’s new identity. This is what happened to my wife. I believe that therapy and talking to a professional can help break that cycle and bring about a different perspective of looking at yourself and your illness. Connecting with a therapist can also help you better understand your emotions, feelings, thought process, and patterns, and help you create a new relationship with your illness and those around you.

Through my wife’s struggle I have recognized a lack of resources and support for chronic illness sufferers and I want to help fill that need! I want to walk through this journey with you, and give you help and hope!
Now before you dismiss the idea, I want to let you know that I do understand that the initial reaching out can be difficult, but I believe that once you reach out and take a step toward healing, there will be a greater sense of relief. I highly encourage you to take that step!

For more information on our psychotherapy services, consult with your doctor or speak with a patient representative at 877-508-1177.

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