Healthy New Year’s Resolutions + Resources to Help You Achieve Them

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Such resolutions often collapse due to of a lack of support and poor utilization or ignorance of helpful resources.

Below are a few common New Year’s resolutions and resources to help you keep them!

Common New Year’s Resolutions are About Self Improvement

The vast majority of New Year’s resolutions focus on weight loss, be that through diet, exercise, or stress reduction. Studies show that over 66 percent of adult Americans fall into the category of overweight or obese. Statistics such as this and greater awareness of the growing weight problem in America has motivated many people to focus on slimming down. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that the New Year’s resolutions presented below are often selected as a primary goal for the year.

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Eat Healthier

Healthy eating is a frequent leader in New Year’s resolution trends. In America, there appears to be a growing concern regarding nutrition and dietary practices among the general population. In part, constant exposure to fast foods, sugary drinks, and overly processed foodstuffs may contribute to the desire to pursue healthier eating. Regardless of the reason, adopting long-lasting healthy eating habits is a noble but challenging goal requiring planning, persistence, and support.

Exercise More

Being active and getting more exercise is another regular front runner for annual resolutions. Individuals pursue the goal of exercising more for many reasons. Multiple studies show that regular exercise is associated with numerous health benefits. Some of the most notable rewards for engaging in daily moderate exercise include reduced risk of certain cancers, improved weight regulation, better mood, lower blood pressure, aesthetic benefits, and increased longevity. Regardless of the motivation, “exercise more” is a resolution with an exceptionally high rate of failure. Without appropriate structure and specificity, it is easy to lose focus on exercise goals. To combat burning out and giving up, it is important to create a reasonable, measurable, and achievable plan for success.

Reduce Stress

Relieving stress and protecting your mental health is an important component of weight loss and overall wellness. As such, it should not come as a surprise that many people actively pursue this goal when starting out the new year. There are many approaches to de-stressing and achieving greater mental balance. Some recommend taking up a slow-paced or relaxing hobby, using more vacation time, or engaging in stress-relieving activities such as yoga or massage. Perhaps the best way of relieving stress and improving wellness is by getting more sleep. Sleep is essential for numerous bodily functions including weight loss, neurological function, and stress management. Many studies have found that lack of sleep is associated with increased stress and weight gain, which can cascade into multiple symptoms and disorders.

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Why Is Losing Weight So Hard?

In our culture, there is an overemphasis on certain factors that impede weight loss. However, it is important to recognize that diet, activity level, and stress are not the only elements that influence waist size. Underlying or undiagnosed conditions such as thyroid disease can significantly disrupt hormone function. This can result in symptoms such as weight gain, difficulty losing weight, and fatigue. Those suffering from thyroid disease face a greater challenge when it comes to meeting weight loss goals.

Food sensitivities and intolerances can also impede weight loss and reduce overall wellness. Common ingredients such as eggs, gluten, soy, and dairy can trigger inflammation that promotes bloating, water retention, and weight gain. Many individuals who are sensitive to these and other substances are not aware of how these foods affect their system because they have never followed a diet void of inflammatory substances. Identifying and removing allergens or sensitivities from a diet can be a significant boon to weight loss resolutions.

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How We can Help

Perhaps the greatest deterrence to following through with health-related resolutions, specifically those focused on weight, is a lack of resources, support, and accountability. The Holtorf Medical Group provides a number of services ranging from body contouring procedures, diet and fitness coaching, and presentations on general wellness practices, each of which provides unique benefits.

Body contouring procedures are becoming increasingly safe and non-disruptive. Programs such as Holtrof Med’s SculpSure support weight loss efforts and aesthetic goals without invasive surgical procedures. SculpSure focuses on eliminating targeted fat cells in a series of 25-minute sessions. The SculpSure process aids in the elimination of unnecessary fat cells without disturbing natural bodily processes.

Holtorf Medical Group also supports weight loss goals in a more traditional manner with custom nutrition plans and coaching. Working with the health and nutrition coach involved in Holtorf Med’s nutritional services gives participants the opportunity to craft a diet plan that is tailored to meet their unique dietary needs. Additional information provided by these programs also help participants exercise safely, de-stress, and adopt long-term healthy eating habits.

Supporting Your Success in the New Year

Every year an impressive number of resolutions are made regarding diet, exercise, and stress reduction, all of which fall under the umbrella of weight loss and self-improvement. Unfortunately, many do not achieve their goals. Fortunately, the roadblocks of weight loss can be conquered with the assistance of the Holtorf Medical Group. The procedures and programs offered, such as SculpSure and various nutrition services, help you achieve your wellness goals. If you want to your health-focused resolution to succeed contact Holtorf Medical Group today at 877-508-1177!

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