Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #3

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Many people live their lives suffering from unexplained symptoms such as insomnia, endless fatigue, inability to think clearly, and many other long-lasting and inhibitory problems. This could be indicative of a greater issue.

Lyme disease is known as the great imitator because it mimics many of the body’s own cells and also causes symptoms similar to other serious conditions. Furthermore, Lyme Disease is perhaps the fastest growing yet least understood condition impacting our population. To put it into perspective, the CDC states that Lyme disease affects more people annually than breast cancer. Clearly, Lyme is an issue worthy of notice.

Common and incorrect understanding of Lyme suggests that it is only a threat in certain regions or specific parts of the world. However, in actuality, this disease can strike anyone anywhere. To effectively protect against and resolve Lyme disease, it is essential to be informed of the most current research, treatments, and methods of diagnosis.

Dr. Jay Davidson will be hosting the third Chronic Lyme Disease Summit and will be conducting interviews with many Lyme experts in an effort to provide attendees the most relevant and up to date information on Lyme disease.

The online event is composed of over 35 Lyme disease experts, including our very own Dr. Kent Holtorf. Dr. Holtorf is a prominent voice in the discussion of Lyme and has dedicated a significant portion of his research and practice raising awareness and improving treatment of Lyme disease. The interviews and presentations offered by Dr. Holtorf and other speakers will provide invaluable information regarding the treatment, identification, diagnosis, and comprehension of Lyme.

Lyme disease has been linked to numerous conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, food allergies, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain or inflammation. Unfortunately, many individuals experiencing these, and other symptoms, are suffering from Lyme disease and don’t even know it. Part of this problem is improper diagnosis. Without knowing effective methods of diagnosis and treatment, individuals with Lyme will likely never return to full health.

If you or people you know are suffering from unexplained symptoms or have already been diagnosed with Lyme disease, attending Lyme Disease Summit 3 could prove to be an invaluable experience. Registering for Lyme Disease Summit 3 provides access to a wealth of knowledge from leading Lyme experts as well as numerous resources.

Improve your understanding of Lyme and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from leading Lyme experts for FREE by registering for Lyme Disease Summit 3.

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