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Ariana Sommer serves as the Director of Marketing at Holtorf Medical Group. She contributes blog posts on a variety of different health-related topics, including diet and lifestyle. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and dog.

A Unique Approach to Women’s Health Optimization

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The most important thing to understand about women’s health is that each woman is unique. Optimizing women’s health involves a broader view of women as complex beings. The following 5 aspects of health are key in recognizing a holistic approach to women’s health. Energy As medical practitioners, fatigue is a primary concern for our patients. This symptom can be due to a wide variety of causes including lack of sleep, poor nutrition, hormone imbalances, infections, and/or stress. The treatment plan for tackling fatigue should involve a complex approach by treating the woman as a whole and looking into a range of potential causes. Immune Our immune system acts by warding off potential threats such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and toxins that may be present in the environment we live in. More than finding ways to attack the “enemies”, a better long-term approach to boosting and supporting our immune systems from […]