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All Articles
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Holtorf Medical Group

How Environmental Toxins Affect The Thyroid

Toxins are a significant contributor to thyroid health

Holtorf Medical Group

How The Thyroid Affects The Entire Body

The thyroid affects nearly every organ in the body

Holtorf Medical Group

Your Thyroid & Mental Health: What to Know

The thyroid can significantly influence your mood

Holtorf Medical Group

Conditions Affected by the Cold

The cold can affect a variety of conditions

Holtorf Medical Group

5 Reasons You May Be Overeating

Willpower is not one of them

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Holtorf Medical Group

Supplements to Survive the Holidays

Supplements are your friend this holiday season

Holtorf Medical Group

Protecting Your Heart Health: What to Know

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.

Holtorf Medical Group

Your Anti-Inflammatory Food Guide This Holiday Season

Avoid unwanted bloating and discomfort

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