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All Articles
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Holtorf Medical Group

Supplements to Combat ADD/ADHD

Supplementation can ease ADHD symptoms naturally

Holtorf Medical Group

Back-to-School IVs

Jump start your health plan with IVs

Holtorf Medical Group

Combatting Fall Allergies

8% of Americans experience seasonal allergies

Holtorf Medical Group

Signs of Vitamin Deficiencies + How to Combat Them

Majority of Americans have some form of a deficiency

Holtorf Medical Group

7 Qualities to Look for in Your Endocrinologist

20 million Americans suffer from a thyroid condition

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Holtorf Medical Group

How Lyme Disease Can Affect the Entire Body

Lyme disease can affect any organ or system within the body

Holtorf Medical Group

The Added Battle for Lyme Patients: Co-infections

50% of chronic lyme patients have at least one co-infection

Holtorf Medical Group

Why You Can’t Lose Weight: The Underlying Causes of Weight Retention

Nearly 40% of US adults are obese

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