Ask Our Certified Health/Nutritional Coach: Are Sugar-Free Candies Really a Healthier Option?

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Since Halloween means being surrounded by sugary treats, are sugar-free candies really a better option for those with diabetes?

The only sugar alternatives we would recommend are stevia and xylitols. Unfortunately, there aren’t many candy substitutes made with these (check the label), but these are one of my favorites.

If you’re having trouble locating any in the stores, make sugar-alternative treats at home. Here are a few of my go-to recipes.

The other philosophy is, if you are going to have a treat or two for Halloween then limit it to just that one day. Where in the history of mankind is it written that it is okay to eat it every day all day long? No where! So maybe that is the message, we aren’t suppose to be doing that. Even Dr. Mercola and other health gurus point out that in mother nature, it only gives us the sugar naturally from fruit certain times of the year. Again, meaning that we are not designed to be eating that much sugar from any source or form all year round.

For more information on some of the most common harmful ingredients in candy and more healthier alternatives, read this!

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