7 Ways for Men to Boost Their Libido

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In a study conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association it was found that 31% of men experience some form of sexual inadequacy during their lifetime. Inhibited libido can lead to serious sexual difficulties and inhibit performance. Below are seven ways that can help restore libido, sexual performance, and sexual satisfaction.

1 – Remove and Resolve Libido Inhibitors

There are several elements men may experience regularly that are stealthily reducing their hormones, and thereby their libido. Resolving various conditions, imbalances, and avoiding libido inhibitors can aid in reestablishing male sex drive. Common detractors include:

  • Chronic Stress
  • Excessive Consumption of Alcohol
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • Depression
  • Antidepressants

If one is experiencing an isolated case of any of these conditions, resolving it may lead to a restored libido. Many of these factors may be related to hormonal imbalances, or associated with one’s thyroid health. Treating such conditions may have the added benefit of improving one’s overall quality of life as well.

2 – Optimize Testosterone Levels

This hormone is critical for male sexual desire and virility. When a man is sexually active, testosterone is freed to inform the brain to release nitric oxide, an amino acid that assists in increasing blood flow. This increase improves blood flow and aids erectile function. Furthermore, greater circulation of nutrients and oxygen, via better blood flow, increases sexual performance, potency, and endurance. With low testosterone levels, men are not able to initiate this increased blood flow, leading to erectile and sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, studies show that average testosterone levels have been significantly reduced over the past 20 years. This may be due to environmental factors such as flame retardants, plastics, pesticides, poor diet, and aging.

Utilizing a testosterone supplement may not only help resolve erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance, but it can also increase energy, and aid in weight loss. Furthermore, changing one’s lifestyle habits may reduce the risk of testosterone deficiency. Avoiding activities such as smoking and excess alcohol usage while also pursuing a healthy diet and regularly exercising promotes better testosterone levels. These habits aid in reestablishing a healthy libido.

3 – Consider Oxytocin Supplementation

When one achieves orgasmic climax, the hormone oxytocin is at its most prevalent. This chemical is particularly effective at boosting one’s libido while also cultivating sensations of attachment and closeness between individuals. This experience is not exclusive to sexual partners. Oxytocin’s effect is also prominent in familial relations and friendships. However, if one feels like their libido needs a boost, getting a prescription for an oxytocin nasal spray may be just the thing to restore one’s sex drive. Usage of such a treatment before intercourse has been shown to increase libido, feelings of closeness between partners, and sexual performance.

4 & 5 – Implementing Impactful Amino Acids

Arginine:As seen above, nitric oxide plays an important role in a man’s sexual ability. Improving blood levels of this substance can be quite beneficial in boosting one’s sex drive. The amino acid arginine aids in nitric oxide production. Interestingly, this attribute means arginine has the same effect of erectile dysfunction medications but at a delayed rate. Rather than achieving an immediate result, taking an arginine supplement provides erectile support after a few days. Amazingly, this amino acid provides greater sexual satisfaction while being completely risk free.

Ornithine:In a similar fashion to arginine, ornithine provides improved erectile function but for a longer period. Because ornithine as actually reduced into arginine by the body at a slow rate, men experience similar results to arginine but for a longer period. Furthermore, supplementation with these two amino acids has shown to increase regenerative ability, vitality, endurance, and both mutually aid in resolving erectile dysfunction.

Environmental factors, sickness, and stress may inhibit levels of these amino acids. One can resolve this deficiency through supplementation via tablets, powders, capsules, or by adding arginine and ornithine rich foods to their diet. Foods that contain high levels of these amino acids include:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Dairy Products
  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat

6 – Resolve Relational Dysfunction

Feeling close and connected to one’s partner is a primary trigger of one’s sex drive. When a degree of separation or emotional distance enters the relationship, libido levels usually drop. Furthermore, when there is anger, a lack of communication, unresolved and regular conflict, or resentment for one’s partner, mutual attraction and sex drive plummet. By resolving emotional and relational issues between partners, their libidos can be restored and healthy sexual activity reinstated.

7 – Remove Distractions

Oftentimes, intimate space is invaded by attention grabbing objects such as televisions, computers, phones, or even children. Either relocating the distractions or moving one’s personal activities to a different isolated location, allows greater opportunity for intentional and mutually satisfying intercourse. Keeping one’s focus on their partner and maintaining attentiveness promotes sexual attraction between individuals and increases sexual satisfaction.

A Triumphant Return

Resolving libido inhibiting elements in one’s life comes with more benefits than just restoring one’s sex drive. If hormonal imbalances are the cause of one’s poor performance or intimacy difficulties, there are significant overall health benefits that come with resolving them. Many of the above elements are interconnected and resolution in one area may positively impact others, leading to an exceptional boost in male performance. As Valentine’s Day approaches, you drive the point home by giving your relationship a unique and healthy gift of implementing the various avenues of restoring and/or boosting your sex drive.